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Get in the Picture

“Oh, please don’t take my picture.” I get it.  You just had a baby.  Or you didn’t.  You’re *just* a mom.  You’re tired.  You feel fat, you feel ugly, you hate your hair, you have wrinkles.  You haven’t lost those 50 pounds, yet, that you said you were going to lose before you got your picture taken, again.  You don’t …

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Health and Wellness, Motherhood, Positive Vibes

They Just Don’t Understand

Sometimes I feel like a broken record.  I say it over and over again to my girlfriends – the ones that also have these little dictators running around and running them ragged, almost all day, almost every day.  And I always get the same reply. “They just don’t understand…” “No, they really don’t.” Our husbands work long hours. We are …

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How to Pick Your Pocket

Your jeans pocket, that is!  It might be something that you haven’t put all that much thought into but the size and positioning of the back pockets on your jeans can make all the difference in how your rear end looks, from, well, from behind. Check out these quick tips from And then get out and enjoy your …

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