About Carli

Hi there! I'm Carli

I’m a 38 year old mom of 3 – two boys and a girl.

I drink coffee for breakfast and wash my hair twice a week.  My husband, Nishant, is a better cook and a better housekeeper than I am.  I vow to give up sugar, and fail, at least once a month.  I can never get a minute of peace all day long because someone always needs a snack, needs a butt wiped or needs to know “why” regarding any number of completely unrelated things.

I grew up in Canton, Ohio.  I moved to Raleigh, NC when I was 18 to attend NC State where I majored in Textile Technology with a concentration in Design.  I moved to Charlotte, NC after school and started designing and sourcing bedding and bath products. 

After meeting a whole lot (like really, a lot) of wrong men and blogging about it (because it was THAT funny), I finally met my husband in 2011 (ironically, online).  We got married in 2012 and basically had our 3 kids back to back because, let’s face it, no one is getting any younger!

We moved from Charlotte to Atlanta, GA, to Winston-Salem, NC  and most recently to Jacksonville, FL as a family of 5.  We move a lot.  Like 9 times.  We’re not military.  We just move a lot.  I’m hoping that we are staying put for awhile.    

My Mom Story

Staying home with my kids is wonderful and sometimes awful, exciting and sometimes the most boring thing on the planet.  It’s almost never any kind of glamorous and I seem to have traded in my high heels for fuzzy slippers, or, if we’re being honest, flats with orthotics.  Seriously, do you know what true arch support feels like?

So now, as a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom, if you don’t know the lingo, yet) as they call it, it appears I have joined this new mom tribe.  We wear workout clothes like regular clothes to preschool drop off or the grocery store.  Sometimes it’s because we worked out that day, or may work out later, sometimes it’s because we just don’t know what else to put on our bodies and those clothes feel safe.  If our clothes don’t have stains on them already, they probably will by the end of the day, because, well, messy kids.

But, I’ve got a story to tell.  Workout clothes don’t have to be our safe place.  I’ve decided that just because I’m a mom, and may not get out much, doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have clothes that look good and make me feel good for the times that I do make it out of the house.  And yes, yoga pants are comfortable, whether for yoga or for shopping, but do they really need to be our new identity?  I’m not so sure they do.

Most recently, the title of artist has been thrown around quite a bit.  While 2020 brought us stay at home orders and anxiety, it was also what I needed to emerge as my most creative self.  You can find my art for sale, here.

If any or all of that sounds like something you can relate to, you should totally poke around!  I share style steals, product and retailer reviews, home decor ideas including DIY, baking tutorials and whatever else is shaking out at the moment.  

If We're Getting Official Here

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Textile Technology with a concentration in Design from NC State University. Maybe that’s not impressive since I graduated 12 years ago. But, I know a thing or two about both fabric and design, so there’s that.

What is Chaos Styled

Well first of all, Chaos Styled is both a blog and a collection of art.

The blog speaks to moms and women alike. It’s for moms who struggle through the day, drink cold coffee and constantly have clothes spinning in the dryer.