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This makes me want to belt out a few lines from the Meatloaf song, I Would do Anything for Love.   Man, I loved that song.  Meatloaf was my first concert, you know.  I was 13, I went with my mom and dad, my brother and my sister-in-law.  The whole thing was a bit of an odd experience for a 13 year old, thinking back on it now, but for the next 5 years, every time I would find a space with some good acoustics, I would sing the female accompaniment to that song as loud as I could.

Wow, way off topic.  Have you heard of Basic Invite, yet?  And did you know that Basic Invite makes business cards?  Did you also know that they have over 180 color combinations to choose from?  That’s what I’m trying to tell you about.  Quite the tangent from belting out a 90’s (or was it the 80’s?  All I know is I was 13 in 1995) love ballad, right?  That song will be in my head the rest of the day, now.  Maybe yours, too.  You’re welcome.

Back to Business

Ok, but back to these business cards.  If you have any kind of business or brand or side hustle, you may very well feel the need to have some business cards on hand.  If you’re looking for business cards to represent that business or brand, you know how important it is to keep your brand cohesive across the board.  Potential clients/readers/customers see your brand, they recognize your color palette, they remember you.

Basic Invite literally gives you over 180 color combinations to be able to completely personalize your business cards to custom match your brand.  In my opinion, the only thing that could make Basic Invite better would be if they allowed you to input color codes to have a real EXACT match, but even without it, I was still able to get very close to my brand colors and I was very pleased with the results of the samples that I received.

How Can I Get a Sample?

Besides the outrageous color palette, something else awesome and unique to Basic Invite is that you can order samples that look exactly how your product will look.  Other stationary companies I’ve used in the past have offered samples, but generic samples, using someone else’s name and info.  I was so excited to get a real actual product with my name and picture on it, using my logo and my brand colors.  Seriously, so cool.  I feel like so often it can be difficult to visualize how something will look and this whole sample process removes any of that uncertainty.  Samples are super easy to customize and order.  I suspect the only issue you’ll have is limiting the number of samples you’re ordering because there are just so many great options!  Start customizing yours: create business cards.

So What Business is it of Yours, Anyhow?

Why might you want to have some business cards on hand?  Well, for all kinds of things, really.  Maybe you’re a blogger, maybe you have a YouTube channel, maybe you’re a personal trainer, photographer, website designer, artist or you operate a salon.  There are lots of reasons to have a physical takeaway to go along with your online presence.  Check out these fun business cards for some inspiration.  And how chic are these nail salon business cards?!

After you’ve found THE ONE, you can order as few as 25 or as many as 500 (plus all kinds of options in between).

And if I Really Don't Need Business Cards?

Oh, there are other things, too!  There are Wedding Invitations, Graduation Announcements (also think coordinated party invites, thank you cards), Birth Announcements, Party Invitations, Stationery and don’t forget Holiday Cards!

Of course, you can customize these in just as many ways in whatever colors match your photos or your personality.  Additionally, if your product requires envelopes, they’ve got over 40 different colors to choose from so you can stand out before your card is even opened!  AND they are peel and stick sealing so no paper cuts on your tongue or weird glue taste in your mouth!  Hate addressing your holiday cards?   Basic Invite will do that for you, too.  For free.  No holiday card hand cramp for you!

So, What's the Deal?

If you are suddenly thinking of all the personalized paper products you need in your life, I’ve got a sweet deal for you.  Actually, Basic Invite does, I’m merely the humble messenger.  Through the end of the month, Basic Invite is offering 15% off with the promo code: 15FF51.

I’m obligated to tell you that I was in fact compensated for this post which also included a small sampling of business cards (which, seriously, joke’s on me because I’m going to have to go order some now!) but you can trust that all opinions expressed here are my own. Y’all know I keep it real over here.  Basic Invite was a pleasure to work with from their easy to operate website, custom color creations and their customer service.  They are definitely a company to keep in mind the next time you need an invite or an announcement or to proclaim your awesomeness to the masses with your new business cards.

Did We Just Become Best Friends?

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