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Swimsuit Guide 2019

A Mom's Guide to Swimsuits

Here it is again – swimsuit season.  This year it’s a little different for me, as this summer season will relocate me and my family to sunny Florida.  Which, I suppose it is yet to be seen but I think it’s kind of always swimsuit season there?  I don’t really even know but that fact alone makes me want to buy all the swimsuits!  I’ve rounded up my favorites for the season that can help you, and whatever you’re trying to flaunt or forget, feel nothing but fabulous.  Get ready.

*Please note that some of the links included are affiliate links which just means that Chaos Styled may get a small commission off of your purchase – don’t worry though – it won’t be at any extra cost to you!

A Little Tuck for that Tummy

No contest, this is my number one problem area.  All of a sudden, I’m looking in the mirror and noticing that my stomach sticks out farther than my boobs.  This is a first for me without the cause of pregnancy.  And this season may not be the same as next, but this is where I am this year, so let me tell you what we can do about it.

Two things we can do here to minimize the tum are to add a little ruching or a little gather or to utilize higher waisted bottoms, either on their own with a bikini top or layered up with a longer tank, essentially giving you a little shapewear without the, well, the shapewear.

This is my latest purchase - tops and bottoms sold separately so I paired the top with a high waisted bottom. Top comes in sizes 8-26.
This one piece is a perfect example of ruching along with a modest top. That extra fabric makes sure that no one can see your belly button through your suit. It comes in sizes 4-26.
Love this wrap style along with the optional tie. And this color! Comes in sizes XS-XXL
I love this look together - the higher waisted bottom that holds you in and the sculpted top. Top and bottom both come in sizes 6-24.
Love this different take on a classic black and white stripe. The ruching on the bottoms is slimming and the tie on the top is just so cute. Top and bottoms come in sizes 6-24.
Such a beautiful cut flattering on virtually every body type (but beware it does run a little small - I also have this one). There are several colors and also patterns in this suit and sizes range from 4 to 34.

A Little Breathing Room

Can I coin the term mom-kini?  Not because moms don’t have some rockin’ bods and deserve bikinis just like everyone else but because as moms, sometimes we’re just not into showing off all the same things we were before we were moms.  I mean, that’s a thing, right?  I’ll be honest, I would love to be back in a bikini one day – not this summer, but one day I can see myself rocking one or two of these.

I just love this set. Classic, cute and tons of colors. There is also another bottom option with a lower cut. Top and bottom sold separately - sizes S-2X.
I love the mix and match look of this set and the criss cross on the top is just great. This is goals for sure! Top and bottom sold separately - sizes XS-2X
High waisted bottoms and a pretty, flowy top. Feminine and just adorable. Comes in sizes S-XXL
I love this as a more modest take on the bikini. It comes in sizes S-3XL
Ah, how perfect is this set? Love the stripe, the cut and the high waisted bottom! Top and Bottom sold separately - sizes 4-24
Amazon for the win. 20+ colors/prints available - comes in sizes XS-XXL

No Shaving Required

When you’re ready for a pool day but also overdue for a bikini wax.  Or hey, you just want a little more coverage.  No judgment either way, here.  I love these skirt and short options that are perfect for wrangling kids and also keeping a little modesty.

The more I look at this set, the more I love it. While I think that a pair of shorts are a great option, I don't love the look of the super tight ones. I think these are perfect. Top and Bottom sold separately - size 8-26
I feel like swim dresses can be tricky and can easily feel more "grandma" than "mom" but I love this cut and this print and I definitely don't think it screams "grandma." Comes in sizes 14-34
Another super cute swim dress option in a great print. Comes in sizes 14-28
What I like about this is that you can turn any regular bikini or tankini into a skirted version. This specific one comes in more than 10 colors and in sizes XS-XL.

A Few More (because I just can't stand it)

Just a few more that I loved too much to keep to myself.

I've had this in my shopping cart like 3 times - someone buy it and tell me how amazing it is! Comes in sizes 4-26
This, too. I love the look of this suit and the top just looks so supportive and just so dang cute. Comes in sizes 8-26
I mean, you could legit wear this as a bodysuit with a pair of jeans, am I right? So glam, I love it! Comes in sizes 14-34
Love the style, love the color, love it times 8 billion. Comes in sizes 14-34

Just Cover it Up!

If you’re headed out for some rays, you probably want to head out in style.  Or if nothing else, you want the option to stop by the grocery store at some point if you need to.  I love a good cover up to really pull everything together. Or hey, just to cover everything up for a minute.

I want to know – what are your favorites?  What do you think is missing?  Give me the goods!  Aspiring minds (and moms) want to know!  I can’t wait to see you at the beach!

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  1. Definitely saving this for later! So many cute (and nice modest) options. I really like the green at the bottom and the black and white bikini. Thanks for taking the time to curate these!! 🙂

  2. You have rounded up so many cute swimsuits and they work with so many different desires many may have for swimsuits this year! I have always loved two pieces with high-waisted bottoms. I love the look of a bikini without quite as much skin showing. Can’t believe you’re moving soon! I love Florida! I hope you all have an easy transition to the sunny state!

  3. I’m ll about a well placed little tuck and these polka-dot suits are cal;ling to me. I especially love the red – a bit of red can go a long way!!

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