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Pee-Proof Panties

To Pee or Not to Pee

This is a post about grown ass women who pee their pants a little sometimes.  If this isn’t what you thought it was, this is your chance to click that back button and find something else to read.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me start by saying that I have given birth to 3 kids (but hey, even if you haven’t and still have this issue, no shame in your lady game!).  One of my goals (goals, not resolutions) for 2019 is a stronger pelvic floor.  One that can withstand a surprise sneeze or cough or something really funny.  So, I’m over here practicing my kegels, but if you’ve ever done a kegel before, you know that (unfortunately) they do not produce immediate results.  

While I’m waiting on all that to take effect, I decided to give the two big brands of pee-proof panties a try.  And not to spoil it, but there is a clear winner!

Why Pee-Proof Panties?

I mean, maybe the question here should really be why the hell not?!  Personally, I was tired of mini pads.  Mini pads every damn day.  Tired of mini pads, tired of soggy panties, tired of smelly pants.  Just me?  Please tell me it’s not just me.  I’m already on board with period panties so this didn’t seem like that much of a stretch to me.  So I picked up two pairs of each and gave them a try.


Styles: 5

Colors: 6

Sizes: XS-5XL

Price: $28 – $39 per pair

Care: Machine Wash Cold, Hang to Dry

The deets: I purchased the hiphugger (pictured above) and the bikini (see also thong, hi-waist and french cut).  Each comes in a light or moderate absorbency.  I got one of each but I’ll tell you that I couldn’t tell a difference in how they felt to the touch or how they functioned so I think you can save the two dollars and go with the light option! 


Styles: 4

Colors: 4

Sizes: S-2XL

Price: $22 – $28 per pair

Care: Machine Wash Cold, Hang to Dry

The deets: I purchased the boyshort and the bikini in black and beige (see also high rise and thong).  They came packaged in these super cute cardboard tubes.  They are thin and silky and cozy and simply have a built in extra few layers in the same place where one might be inserting one of those mini pads I mentioned earlier.

The Trial

Icon – The Icon panties are comfortable and easy to wear.  The “pad” area inside is substantial in thickness and coverage.  I wore them, I mom’d, I sneezed, I leaked, they held up.  Held it in.  Kept my pants dry.  They did what they were supposed to.  Exactly.

Knix – The “pad” area on these was smaller and thinner than the pad area on the Icon undies.  I doubted that it would hold up but they said they would so I gave them a try.  Actually these are marketed as keeping period blood, leaks or sweat contained.  I went to the grocery store and I remember that I was standing at the deli counter when I sneezed.  Whoops, they definitely didn’t hold up.  Luckily, I was wearing dark shorts, because they were definitely wet.  That’s unfortunate.  It might have been ok had the pad area been longer but as it was, and as I was standing, I seemed to leak right out the top of the pad area.  Yikes.

The Verdict

So, clearly, the Icon undies are definitely the winner between the two.  Icon is the sister brand/company of the Thinx period underwear.  See my write up on Thinx here.  The funny thing to me is that neither is recommended for the other even though they seem to be very similar products.  Though, I did have some bladder leakage while on my period in my Thinx panties with no leaking problem.  I’m not sure why exactly but I do like to follow the rules, so here we are with period underwear for period days and pee-proof underwear for other days.  Something that does bum me out is that both period and pee-proof panties offer discounts for buying sets of 3.  What I wish is that you could mix and match between the two but that doesn’t appear to be an option.   

While I don’t trust the Knix panties to really do much, I do find they have slightly more coverage than your average pair of panties and they are so comfortable so I don’t write them off completely but if you’re truly having bladder leakage, I predict you will be disappointed in these.  While cheaper, you’re still doing the same amount of laundry and sitting in the same soggy panties.  In my opinion, they aren’t cheap enough to be buying in bulk.

The Investment

To be completely candid, the Icon undies do cost a pretty penny, which is why I only have 2 pair.  You can save as I noted above by getting the light as opposed to moderate absorbency.  You can save a little by ordering a set of 3.  You can save a little ($10) with an invite from me (see below).  

I know it sort of feels like a pain.  For me, I end up putting my panties to the side and dropping them in with whatever other load of laundry I was doing that day anyway.  It works out so that they can almost always be clean when I want them to be.  I was excited to start using these panties and essentially quit mini pads.  BUT since I really only ended up with 2 pair that truly work, I gave in and picked up another pack of mini pads the other day.  But in theory, you could save some money in the long term if you take care of your undies because you’re not buying pads.  That’s also helping the environment if you’re into that sort of thing.

Something else to know is that for every purchase, a portion of the profits is donated to fund life changing fistula surgeries.  You can read more about that here

If You're Ready to Shop

If you think you’re ready to give Icon undies a try, I’d be more than happy to send you a $10 discount.  This is just woman to woman – it has nothing to do with me as a blogger and is in no way sponsored by Icon.  It’s a thing that they do.  Message me your email address and I’m happy to send along so you can try them out.  Every little bit helps, right?  And yes, I would get $10 off my next order too, just to be completely transparent!

If nothing else, get on their email list – they sometimes do sales and limited color releases so it’s good to be in the know!

So tell me, what is stopping you from trying pee-proof panties?

Next on my list will be to test out some options from Amazon.  Two day PRIME shipping?  Yes, please and thank you very much!  Stay tuned!

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  1. This was definitely not what I was expecting but I think that it’s great that these exist. I have wanted to look into period panties as well, so I think I will make that a goal for this month! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Leslie

    I don’t know if these would be on my to buy list anytime soon but it dedinitely is innovative! Thanks for sharing.

    1. carlibdesai

      May your pelvic floor continue to be strong!

  3. It is not just you. I had 3 kids too and they did a number on my bladder as well. I need to try these pee proof panties out.

  4. Wow! This is AWESOME. I wrote a post a few years ago for the Always pads for leaks, but I love the idea of a pany instead. Although costly in the beginning, I think this is so much better for the environment too.

    1. carlibdesai

      Yes, I agree on all accounts!

  5. I’ve only run inot this issue recently. I think these panties are such an awesome solution. I never liked trying to change pads or carry extras throughout the day so these would be a win for me for sure!

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