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Amazon Subscribe and Save

Where are my other Amazon junkies?  It feels a little strange that I don’t currently have anything on the way from Amazon – or do I?  As a mom, I can’t tell you how many times it has felt as though Amazon has saved my life.  Or if we’re not being quite so dramatic, it’s made things a hell of a lot easier.  

If you’re not quite hooked on Amazon, yet, do you know about Amazon Prime?  Do you also know that you can sign up for a FREE 30 day trial?

If you’re over here like, “tell me how The Transformers are going to make my life easier,” then let me tell you all about it (get it??  Amazon Prime, Optimus Prime?!  No?)!

  1. Free 2 day shipping – this is the easy and the obvious one.  This is what Prime was initially known for.  And if you’re finding yourself ordering, or wanting to order, a whole bunch of stuff then really, the free shipping alone is pretty enticing.  
  2. You can also INSTANTLY watch thousands of movies and TV episodes.  If you’re a mom like me, you may be familiar with Fireman Sam – he’s on there.  If you’re not, he’s a British fireman with a catchy theme song.  There are worse kid shows and kid show theme songs for sure!  There are plenty of adult titles as well.  We have a mounting list of shows to catch up on since we can only focus on one at a time.
  3. Did you also know that you can borrow books for your Kindle with Prime?  

The Point

The main point, in all of this, is that you can literally give it a test drive for 30 days, for FREE to see if it’s for you.  If it’s not, nothing lost.  If it is, well then, let me tell you you’re in for a treat.

So my next favorite thing, after your basic Amazon Prime, is Amazon Subscribe and Save.

Subscribe and Save is an easy way to get items that you’re buying anyhow (diapers, toilet paper, etc) to your door each month (or less – you choose frequency) in super convenient and cost effective fashion.

You can find it under the Account and Lists drop down, under Your Account.  And then I believe it will say Your Subscribe and Save.  The cool thing about Subscribe and Save is that you first save money simply by subscribing.  Not all sizes and styles are eligible but I have found that for the most part, I’ve been able to find what I wanted.

The second cool thing is that if you subscribe to at least 5 items, you can save up to an additional 15% off of each item.  We just tested this the other day – my husband was just getting started so he added what he needed on his (as his first item) and then I added it on mine to check and he said, “hey, why is yours cheaper?”  

It always gives you a heads up before your monthly deadline and you can add new items, skip items or cancel them altogether.

Some Subscribe and Save Examples

To give you an idea of the products they offer, these are the items currently on my list.  You can also check out the entire Subscribe and Save Store here.

Hopefully this one won't be on my list for too much longer but those kids - they need diapers!
I have found that with some items, like toilet paper and baby wipes, Amazon brand is just fine and dandy
While we are hoping to be out of diapers sooner rather than later, we do still have a bed wetter - definitely recommend these!
Vitamins are an easy thing to add in so that you don't run out!
These are our favorites! And they are hard to find! Amazon to the rescue!
We take Fish Oil and so do our old dogs!
We have been using these baby wipes for literal years - love them and they're so much less expensive than some of those brand names.
We LOVE these sponges - seriously love them!
Vegetables that taste like chocolate! I like to put this in my smoothies and I mix it with milk to make my kids chocolate milk!
Love this protein powder in smoothies, mixed with yogurt or in my overnight oats. More on that in another post.
Did you know you needed to clean your dishwasher? Yeah, I just learned this a few months ago.
Shaver cleaning cartridges - this is the aforementioned husband product!

Now, we don’t get all of these items each month, but alternate every few where it makes sense.  Some other things I have had on my list in the past have been dry shampoo, washing machine cleaner and Clorox wipes.  Really, the possibilities are endless.

If you are currently subscribing and saving, what is your favorite item that you get?

*Note that some of these links are Amazon affiliate links and Chaos Styled will get a small commission based on purchases.  Support like this helps to keep my website running and you can rest assured that I will only recommend products that I use and love!

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  1. I do almost all my shopping on Prime and like to use Amazon Smile to give back to my favorite charity. Amazon is life, haha.

    1. carlibdesai

      So accurate. It is life.

  2. Leslie H.

    I just made a purchase on Amazon today and was considering signing up for Prime. This is a!

    1. carlibdesai

      Free trial! You’ve got nothing to lose!

  3. I have been on the fence about using Amazon Subscribe and save. Thank you for the information.

  4. Listen… Amazon Prime is my jam! I recently discovered that you can add family members to your Prime account. It’s on and popping! 🙂

  5. Oh Amazon Prime is my Bae!! I am always confused when I don’t have something on the way too…LOL I haven’t started ordering household goods – YET! I see it happening sooner rather than later though 😉 It’s so convenient…

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