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The Perfect Banana Bread

While I was looking for the perfect banana bread recipe to keep my kids busy for a bit and use up some brown bananas, it didn’t occur to me that my baking element would have anything to do with it.  But there in her notes, she said to use a light colored pan as opposed to a dark or glass pan.  Apparently, those tend to conduct heat better (I think) and tend to burn the outside of the bread while the inside is still gooey and not quite done.  Who knew?!  I didn’t, thats for sure.  So I started thinking about what I might have that wasn’t a glass pan and I remembered my fancy bundt pan that I’ve only used a handful of times in about 10 years. 

And let me tell you, this was the best banana bread I’ve ever made – both for flavor and consistency.  Maybe we’re onto something here.  More than just the color of the pan, I feel like the fact that it created a ring of bread as opposed to a loaf also helped it cook evenly and come out delicious and oh so beautiful.  Ironically, this bread came out better than any bundt cake I’ve made in this pan.

A Pan for All Personalities

Suddenly I don’t know why I haven’t used my bundt pan more often.  Really, it’s heavy duty and so, so pretty.  The middle row here is probably closest to what mine looks like but as you can see, there are many different options from the most basic to some very complex designs.  

They are perfect for baking cakes and breads and also for making fancy frozen concoctions for your next party punch!

Check out all these beautiful options (all at or under $35*): 

*note that these are affiliate links so Chaos Styled may get a small compensation from purchases made without an increase in cost to you.  Rest assured I won’t be recommending anything to you that I wouldn’t be purchasing myself!

What Can You Make in Your Bundt Pan?

So grab you a shiny new bundt pan (and get it in 2 days – thank you Amazon) and get to cooking.  Which design is your favorite?  Which recipe are you looking to try?  I can’t wait to hear how it worked out for you!

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  1. paige

    what a fancy shape haha definitely going to have to order one! x

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