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Noonday Collection – Bags and Accessories

If you missed the introductory post on Noonday Collection, you can find it here.  If you’re following along, this is the third installment coming to you to tell you all about this amazing company and how they are impacting artisans around the world.

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With Love from India

“In India, craft is a tradition that has deep roots in local communities. Our Artisan Partners harness a variety of techniques from all over India—from glassblowing to metalworking to leather tanning— to create styles that are a testament to the beauty of collaboration.

We partner with Artisan Businesses run by local entrepreneurs who share our passion for creating opportunity in local communities. India is our largest partner country. Today, over 1,400 Artisans in communities across India work to create the stylish accessories our customers love. We specifically seek out Artisan Businesses who focus on providing dignified work to the most vulnerable members of their communities—especially women.”

Quoted from

Some of My Favorites

If you’ve heard Stacey talk about Noonday, you’ve heard her talk about the leatherworkers known as The Untouchables.  Since they work with animal hides they are considered unclean, which dictates where they can live and attaches a negative stigma.  One that sticks with them and is also passed down to their children.

Because of Noonday Collection, 1,223 artisans have been impacted in India through 9 business partners over 7 years of partnership.  269,500 products were purchased from India in 2017!

With Love from Peru

Because of Noonday, 1,718 artisans have been impacted through 4 business partners over 7 years of service.  In 2017, 45,850 products were purchased from Peru.

$8,530 was invested in purchasing leather machines and technical training for one of the artisan partners to improve production through the Flourishing World Initiative.

A Story From the Heart

Stacey and Fermin

“When you meet Fermin, Joy radiates from his face. He and his wife run a beautiful metal working shop in Lima, Peru with the most amazing handmade metal jewelry. We asked him why it was so important for him to employ women in his workshop and he responded that their workshop was like a family. He explained that many of the women, in the area where they live, are treated poorly and are not given the same opportunities. By giving them employment, he and his wife are helping them to provide for themselves and their children in a safe environment. They shared with us that they put their whole heart into their work so that the pieces can be the very best quality for you. Thank you for supporting people like Fermin with your purchases. They are making a huge difference in the lives of these of these artisans in Peru.”

Stacey Gall

A Sampling from Fermin's Shop

I simply can’t tell you about every country and every product and every life that has been changed because of this company but I can tell you that it’s happening and that we need more of these people in our lives. 

So as you’re thinking about your purchasing for upcoming holidays or birthdays or just because days, please consider Noonday Collection where you can help touch the lives of people you have never met, simply by purchasing beautiful pieces that you will love to wear!

Select Carli Desai as your Trunk Show – that’s me!

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