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Noonday Collection – an Introduction

If you haven’t heard about Noonday Collection before now, let me tell you – you are in for a treat!  I heard about it for the first time just last month and was simply blown away by the touching stories and beautiful pieces to come out of these artisan groups from all over the world.

With the holidays quickly approaching, I know we all have a choice when making purchases such as these.  I just wanted to bring this company to light for an option that truly gives back while also offering unique pieces you can wear with pride.  

This is the first of three posts dedicated to this company to showcase what they are all about!  I hope you enjoy it and if you’re looking, I hope you also find some pieces that you love!  And while I will do my best to give you a well rounded sampling of products and stories, I encourage you to read more about them on their website!  Because there is so much more than I can even begin to cover!

*select Carli Desai as your trunk show (that’s me!)

Introduction from Noonday Ambassador, Stacey Gall

The Beginning - 2010

Jalia & Daniel, Uganda Artisan Entrepreneurs

“Jessica Honegger launched Noonday Collection in 2010 after she connected with Jalia and Daniel, talented jewelry designers in Uganda who dreamed of using fashion to create dignified jobs in their community. Jessica hosted the first Noonday Trunk Show, selling Jalia and Daniel’s jewelry in her home to raise funds to adopt from Rwanda. Women fell in love with the style and story of Noonday Collection – and Jessica began to dream bigger than a fundraiser.

Jessica soon partnered with Travis Wilson, a friend passionate about social entrepreneurship and experienced in building businesses. Both Travis and Jessica had spent years working in Africa and Latin America. Together they dreamed of starting a business that would alleviate poverty through entrepreneurship. This dream became Noonday Collection, a business that uses fashion to create meaningful opportunities around the world.”

Quoted from

The scope of the collection ranges from necklaces to earrings to bracelets and rings.  Additionally, beautiful scarves, bags and even some home decor (can you say “holiday collection??”).  You can shop the entire collection here.  Be sure to select Carli Desai (that’s me) as your Trunk Show.

With Love from Uganda - Paper Beads

Because of Noonday, 469 artisans have been impacted over 8 years of partnership.  Workers have access to free daycare for their children where over 30 children attend.  Scholarships for primary and secondary school have been funded for 34 students and $5000 was invested to provide a brand new library to the families that live there.

These are some of my favorites (click each piece for additional views and coordinating pieces as well as pricing) – so delicate and colorful as well as being lightweight and so easy to wear.

See the rest of the collection here. Be sure to select Carli Desai as your trunk show when you are checking out.  Even though the show is dated as the end of October, pieces will still be sent out as they are ordered.

My Personal Collection

These are so lightweight and so fun - I don't even feel like I'm wearing anything. Plus they are also super soft!
LOVE this as my newest statement piece. I love that you can double it up or also simply rotate it around for a different look.
This one is so bright and colorful and just so fun. Paper beads so very light and easy to wear!
Gold? Silver? These literally match everything! I was worried they would be heavy but they don't bother me at all!

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  1. I love the earrings, especially the leaf shaped ones. Definitely will put this on my holiday list for shopping!

    1. carlibdesai

      Yes! I wore my leaf ones today – just so much fun!

  2. Those products look very unique and I love the story behind the business!

    1. carlibdesai

      So many amazing stories!

  3. Leslie

    These are beautiful accessories! Thanks for making me aware of this company.

  4. I am so glad to see your post! I remember us talking about it at the last meetup so this is exciting. Thank you for introducing us to Noonday. I love the pieces and their mission!

  5. I love paper beads. I think the amount of work that goes into these products are amazing and I love companies that give a helping hand and not a handout.

    1. carlibdesai

      I remember making them as a kid – these are so much more beautiful than I thought they could ever be!

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