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My Top 20 Noonday Picks Under $50

What you’ve heard about Noonday Collection so far is how amazing the company is and all the ways it’s giving back.  If you missed the intro you can find it here.

Knowing all these amazing things may make it seem like the products must be really expensive.  But did you know that there are more than 180 items under $50??  Below is a collection of my top 20 – and let me tell you – it was hard to narrow it down!

Additionally, 16 of the below 20 are actually under $40!  Check them out!  Click on any image to see more information about the piece and also learn about the impact this purchase could make.

Be sure to select Carli Desai (that’s me!) as your trunk show!

*select Carli Desai as your trunk show*

My Top Picks!

Uganda $38

One of the originals, this colorful paper bead piece can be worn with virtually anything, doubled, tripled, or even tied in a loose knot.

Uganda $44

If you know me, you know I love all things turquoise – I think this is a color that matches nearly everything – a perfect staple piece!

Haiti $38

A delicate necklace with a beautiful beaded center pendant. 

Uganda $21.60

Paper bead earrings – lightweight, bright and so easy to wear!

Ethiopia $44

I LOVE the look of these beads made from recycled artillery.  It’s neutral so you can wear it with everything, PLUS long enough to double or triple and get a few different looks out of the same piece.

Ethiopia $38

These earrings are a new staple piece for me.  I love the mix of gold and silver and the look of the beads.  Plus, believe me when I tell you they are not too heavy!

Uganda $38

More paper bead beauty.  I think this coral color is also a very versatile one that can be worn with a lot of different things!

India $36

Ok, how amazing are these?  First, the removable charms make the combinations endless. You could even just wear them as a standard hoop.  I would probably keep all the pieces on there all the time for maximum party power but you can literally do anything you want, here!

India $36

Another personal favorite.  These blush beauties are neutral enough to match a whole slew of things and also super light and easy to wear!

India $34

Add a touch of sparkle with this simple but beautiful wrap bracelet.

India $48

This is much bigger than it looks on your screen.  It is a phenomenal statement piece!

Haiti $38

Feminine meets flirty meets F-U-N!  Can’t go wrong with these tassels – they also come in Red.

Ethiopia $36

One of my favorites from this collection.  It’s so simple, yet so beautiful.  Perfect on its own or as a layering piece.

Uganda $34

Can you really ever go wrong with pom poms?  I think not!  Plus, this bronze color makes them match virtually anything!

India $34

I love the mix of metal and leather in this simple, yet intricately detailed, cuff.  

India $32

The only thing better than one pair of leather earrings is TWO pairs of leather earrings!  I love the blush pair so much I can imagine I’d love these as well.  So fun!

India $44

Like birds of a feather, I just love this feather pendant.  So simple and so pretty!

Guatemala $28

Textiles are my love language!  I love all the colors and designs in this makeup (or whatever you want to put in it) bag!

India $38

I love a chevron motif and this bracelet is no exception.  Beautiful beadwork and easy to wear any time!

Vietnam $34

Ethically sourced carved horn features a delicate lace like pattern.  No two pairs will look exactly alike!

*select Carli Desai as your trunk show*

I have SO enjoyed introducing you to this company.  I think that they are capable of so many incredible things and that they are really just getting started.  Please, the next time you’re in the market for a gift for a loved one or some new accessories for yourself, consider Noonday Collection.

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