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Why Plants are Good for You!

The Sleep Edition

Did you know that there are specific plants that you can keep in your bedroom that can actually promote sleep?!  I’ve got to be honest.  My love for plants is, well, it’s brand new, really.  Mostly I’ve never been good at growing plants and I’ve never really cared for having any plants as ‘just something else to take care of.’

But lately, I’ve been almost obsessed with plants.  I am suddenly finding myself getting excited about planting things and seeing what I can grow.  Obviously there have been some flops along the way.  

I planted cherry seeds, straight from sweet cherries we got from the store.  Twice.  None of them grew.  Also a banana pepper I pulled out of a salad.  Nada.  I planted seeds from a beautiful yellow tomato that we got from the farmers market and I actually got seedlings!  I also got seedlings from a cherry tomato and a red pepper.  But then I realized that it’s almost September and growing season is nearing an end in North Carolina.  I planted them out in the back of our yard today just to see what will happen and if they will continue to grow.  We will see.

Anyhow, all that to say that I really am starting to love plants and I’m especially interested in those that have some kind of health benefit as well.  I mean, let’s be honest, in this case, who couldn’t use fresher air or a better night’s sleep?!  The answer is no one!

Expert Advice

I just told you that I have no idea what I’m doing here – so I got some tips and tricks from someone who DOES know – Mary Catherine from  She’s a self proclaimed plant enthusiast and has come up with a top 5 list on which plants to keep in your bedroom to help improve your sleep!  

With 3 small kids and a snoring husband, trust me, I can use all the help I can get.  I’m on the fence on my next bedroom addition – maybe a snake plant or a gardenia.  Check out her list and let me know what you think you need in your bedroom!

So You're Going to do it - Now What?

Well, you need some supplies, right?

For pots,  you can go super simple or very decorative.  I usually find a lot of different options available at my local hardware store – Home Depot or Lowe’s or even Ace Hardware but if you’d rather they simply come to you, Amazon also has some great options in all price ranges.

Love this as a nice pretty geometric for a bedroom.  It’s neutral but also has a pattern and I just love it.  Comes in 3 sizes – option pictured is the middle size.

Neutral metallic – super easy to match in and super versatile!

Super easy and economical – this is easy to water and has a proper drainage system that makes caring for your plants so simple!

The least expensive option – available in many colors and sizes as an add-on item.  

This comes in a small and large size – option pictured is the small size.  This may be a little louder than the gray option but it’s still neutral enough to work with almost anything.

Also available in grey (this one is blue).  Holds a 6″ plant.

And if you REALLY don’t want to leave your house, you can even get potting soil online on Amazon (because of course you can, right?!).  This is probably more than you’ll need but it’s quite possible you’ll be like me and get hooked after the first one and then you’ll be glad you have extra potting soil for your next one.

I aways get stones for mine as well to put in the bottom of the pot.  This helps the water to drain properly so your plant roots aren’t just sitting in water.  Too much water can cause rotten roots.  Just ask at the store for stones to put in the bottom of your pots – they aren’t fancy or anything, just plain old rocks.

Down to the Details

Well of course you need your plants.  I would probably opt for an in person option like your local Lowe’s or Home Depot or Ace Hardware or similar spot.  But again, you can also order online.  I recently bought some raspberry and blackberry bushes online and it was actually a pleasant experience and super easy!

And really, those are the basics.  Do you need gardening gloves and a shovel?  I mean, if you’re simply planting in pots, probably not.  I use old cups or the pots the plants came in to scoop dirt.  Do you need a watering can?  I mean, if you want one for aesthetic purposes, sure, but really you can also use a cup, or even a wine glass in a pinch.  Not like I know from experience or anything.  

And now I’m still dying to know – what are you bringing into your bedroom?  Which sounds a little dirty – I mean, it IS a little dirty in the actual sense since a live plant and dirt is involved, but let’s keep it all as clean as possible for the purpose of discussion, ok?

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  1. Kaleigh

    OOOOO yes! Lavender! I love my Lavender oil, and never considered getting the plant! But I do want to increase the greenery in my house! So I will be giving this a try!

    1. carlibdesai

      Agree! I have it outside because I heard it’s also supposed to help keep mosquitos away but I don’t get to enjoy it out there. After reading about how high maintenance gardenias are, I may opt for this one as well! A little greenery and a little flower!

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