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Mini Muffin Trays and Piping Bags

The Story

So the other day I was making these mini corndog muffins for my kids.  I ‘thought’ I had a mini muffin pan, but turns out I did not.  Instead, I put mini muffin liners on a regular cookie sheet and did my best.  Let me tell you, the result was much MUCH less than ideal.

So I thought about it, and got some proper tools and I tried again, because the recipe itself was pretty delicious!

The point in all of this is that you don’t have to be making traditional, sweet muffins to be able to utilize a good muffin pan.  Also, I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty terrible at getting the exact and consistent batter in each one.  Enter the piping bag.  It’s not just for icing anymore!

If you’ve been following me for a minute you may already know that my love for piping bags runs deep.  I simply don’t know how I got through so many holidays and so much baking of so many treats without them.  It only makes sense to now use them as frequently as possible to experience the most joy possible!

The Tools:

Mini Muffin Pans – 48 count

Super fun silicone option!  I just love how these feel.  I’m still not sure if they are nonsitck on their own or if you need to use cooking spray. So far, I’ve used cooking spray and they have worked beautifully and have also been super easy to clean.  You just need to put them on a regular cookie sheet to support them in the oven.

Mini Muffin Pans – 48 count

I get that the silicone isn’t for everyone so if you’re not quite on the silicone train yet, here is a standard metal option for you.  You get two sets of 24 just like the silicone option.

Disposable Piping Bags – 100 count

And your piping bags!  This is a disposable pack of 100 because let me tell you – the only thing that negates the use of a piping bag is having to clean it out so that it can be reused.  I know that disposable bags aren’t the most eco-friendly but in this case, I think the extra bit of trash is worth it, especially if you’re only using these in your home and not opening up a bakery or anything!  

My recipe told me that it made at least 36 mini corndog muffins but when I made it, it made 48 plus – not sure if it was an error or my pans or what.  Either way, I feel like most recipes will at least give you more than 12 or 24 especially if you are making something mini but just know that there are also other options for muffin quantities if you’re not quite sure you need 48.

As for the piping bags, this one linked is a pack of 100 because I predict you will love them as much as I do and want to use them for all the things.  But, if you’re not sure, they also come in sets of 12 as an add-on item – and less than $5!

A Little More About These Corndog Muffins

Obviously, I’m going to give you the recipe for these muffins that look like boobs, right?  Obviously.  Here it is.  

She talks about several things in this recipe and it took me making it very poorly the first time to figure a few things out.  First, the quantity – like I stated above, this made 48 mini muffins for me with batter to spare.  Next was the hot dogs.  They should roughly be in 1″ pieces.  The first time, I simply cut and then I had what I had.  What I did the second time I made this was calculated how many pieces I needed and then cut the hot dogs to fit that.  Since I was making 48 mini muffins, and since I had 6 hot dogs, I cut each one into 8 pieces to make it work without any awkward waste.  Maybe a no brainer but it wasn’t quite for me.  Maybe because I’m always trying to do things with 3 kids screaming at me for snacks or water or any number of other things while I’m trying to make dinner. 

Let my chaos help you!  Let’s make this simple.

The Steps

  1. Make your batter
  2. Cut your hot dogs into as many pieces as muffins you plan on making
  3. Put your piping bag into a tall water glass and fold the top over the rim of the glass
  4. Fill your bag with corndog muffin batter, but not too full – you want to be able to gather and grab the top of it without worrying about batter squeezing out the top.  Trust me on this one –  you can always add more later by putting it back into the glass!
  5. Cut the bottom off of the bag, maybe 1/2″ up or so – you don’t want the opening to be too big because then the batter will be hard to control and we are going for simplifying your life, not making it harder!
  6. Spray your muffin pans (or use liners)
  7. Pipe around in a circle and finish in the center for approximately the same amount of batter in each section
  8. Stick a hot dog piece in the center of each one and bake!

That seems like a lot of steps but I promise it is so easy and so doable!  And really, any time you’re making anything that requires batter you can use a piping bag like this.  I wouldn’t go to the trouble for putting batter into a cake pan, however you could get some cool color effects if you wanted to try that!  But for muffins or mini muffins, using a piping bag is much easier, not to mention more fun, than trying to use a spoon or pouring out of a bowl.

My Corndog Muffins

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