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Patriotic 4th of July Cookies

THE BEST (white) Chocolate Chip Cookies

according to Nishant.

My husband, Nishant, his love language is chocolate chip cookies.  He often complains to me that my cookies are not good enough, too crunchy, too thin, whatever.  I actually adapted this recipe from this recipe here (which were my previous best chocolate chip cookies to date) and I was worried about how these would come out.  Upon tasting these cookies, he told me, in no uncertain terms, that these were the best cookies I have ever made and I’m not allowed to make any other kind of cookie going forward.  Ever.

While they may take a little more effort in the area of chocolate, a review like that is hard to ignore!

And because they are red, white and blue and oh so patriotic, I dub them Firecracker Cookies!

If You're Only Here for the Recipe

Not everyone wants to hear the backstory – so in case that’s you, here is the recipe, right here!

The Colorful Debate

The original recipe calls for 3 different types of chocolate chips – a milk chocolate, bitter-sweet and semi-sweet.  For these cookies, I wanted them to be red, white and blue for the 4th of July.  I didn’t want to simply use sprinkles because while sprinkles are pretty, I don’t really feel like they taste like anything.  You feel me on that?  I also didn’t want to use red, white and blue m&ms just because an m&m cookie isn’t my favorite – and I feel like it’s been done.

While I knew I could use standard white chocolate chips for the white, I wasn’t sure what to do for the red and the blue aside from trying to dye white chocolate chips myself – I mean, is that a thing?  I know you can dye coconut.  Then I remembered the assortment of Candy Melts available at Michaels.  Whenever my mom and I would make chocolate covered pretzels at Christmas we would always get the Candy Melts from Michaels. Even if it’s just the white, something about these melts nicer and smoother than any chocolate you can pick up at the grocery store.

The awesome part?  You can literally match these to almost any holiday or decor you can think up!   

Not Your Average Chocolate Chip

So obviously these disks are way too big as they are to go straight into cookies.  I just wasn’t sure how to get them smaller. 

I thought about a few pulses in my food processor but honestly thought it would be too annoying to have to clean the blade after chopping up chocolate.  

Then I tried sticking them in a bag and rolling them with a rolling pin.  All that did was put small spots of color on the white ones as you can see on some of these in the picture.

In the end, I dumped all of them on a cutting board together and roughly chopped them with a big ole knife.  All different sizes is totally ok.

I did this as my first step to get it out of the way so that they were good and ready when I needed them.

The Mix and the Mash Up

So basically, you mix these up like you would any other cookie – you cream the sugars, add in the egg and the vanilla and then mix in the dry stuff just until incorporated.  You know, standard cookie protocol. 

The thing that I found confusing about the original recipe is that she tells you to chill the dough for 4 hours before making cookie mounds on your parchment paper.  To me, this part is super hard because if you do chill the dough appropriately, you basically have to un-chill it so that you can scoop your cookies.  Have you ever tried to scoop cold cookie dough?  It’s hard!

Additionally, the original recipe called for 2 oz mounds but that seemed gigantic to me.  What I like to do is use a round Tablespoon.  Right after you’re done mixing everything, measure out your cookie mounds, or balls, whatever you want to call them.  You can create a bit of a heaping measure – then scoop it out with your fingers, roll it into a quick ball.  Try not to spend too much time on this – you don’t want to make the dough any warmer and softer than it already is.

Put all your cookie balls into a resealable bag or a Tupperware or something like that.  It doesn’t matter if they are touching each other.  THEN you chill that shit.  30 minutes, 4 hours, several days.  You can even put some in the freezer at this point to make them last even longer.  I actually like to bake mine in small batches if they are just cookies for us to have at home so that we don’t eat them all immediately.  Because again, they are that delicious.  

This made 31 cookies for me.  That is with sampling a bit, of course, to make sure it’s ok.  And no, I’m not condoning eating raw cookie dough.  You are a grown up.  You know that raw eggs can give you salmonella.  There are certain things I can’t resist in life and cookie dough is one of those things.  Eat it at your own risk!

A New Way to Bake

What we are doing is overheating the oven and then as soon as the cookies go in, lowering the temperature.  The original poster’s theory is that the higher temperature is somehow setting the cookie up to be thicker and chewier and all around more delicious.  No hard crunchy cookies, here.  Or cracker cookies as Nishant likes to call them.

I don’t know if it actually makes a difference or if it’s more like a bunch of woo woo stuff in your head but seriously these cookies are delicious.

So what I do is heat the oven to 425, put the cookies in, turn the oven off and then quickly turn it back on to 375.  Bake for 9 minutes – cookies should be slightly brown on the tops.  Take them out and let them cool on the cookie sheet.  I mean, if you can stand it.  Along with my cookie dough confession from earlier, you probably won’t be surprised that I always have to eat one when it’s hot and still falling apart.  

If you’re baking more than one tray, I would heat the oven back up to 425 so you can properly start the whole thing over again.

The Reveal

My main concern in all of this was that the candy melts just wouldn’t hold up.  Since they are made for melting and molding, I was afraid that they would just ooze all over the place in a hot, sticky mess.  

But, what we had here folks, according to Nishant, was absolute perfection.  Your sweet tooth and your celebrations may never be the same!  They hardened back up just right.

You may find that this recipe is a little too sweet.  Again, our sweet tooth is such that we find it to be perfect but you could easily add some sort of nut in here to help with that.  The natural and expected progression here would be a macadamia nut due to all the white chocolate but you could also do a walnut, pecan, anything really.  I was also considering dusting them with just a tiny bit of salt before baking.  I haven’t tried it yet, though, so do so at your own risk.  If you make these, I absolutely must know about how they turned out – let me know!

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The Recipe - One More Time

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  1. These look fabulous! Great idea for the red, white and blue! Thanks for the link!

    1. carlibdesai

      I was so worried they wouldn’t hold up but they were so good! I feel like the next ones can be some kind of unicorn cookies with pink and purple! The kids would love that!

  2. Chris

    They look so yummy!! I can’t wait to try them!

  3. These look so so yummy! Perfect for the long weekend 🙂

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