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How to Keep Your Laundry Under Control

Do you dread laundry day every week? 

Does it feel like all you do is wash your clothes to then leave them folded (or not, let’s be honest) in the baskets where you then rifle through them for something to wear?

Maybe you have the signature pile of laundry that moves from the bed to the chair and then back to the bed instead of being folded?

It just feels like too much sometimes, right?  What if I told you that I had a solution for you?  A solution that MAY sound just a tiny bit crazy, but in the long run could save you some serious sanity?  

My #1 Tip: Do Laundry Every Day

Come on, Carli.  Seriously?  I just told you how I can’t get my laundry life together.  How is doing it more often going to help me in any way shape or form??

Hear me out on this!  Stick with me for just a second!

Say there are 3 of you – you, your husband/partner/person of choice and one child.  Let’s then think of the things that need washed during the week.  First you all have clothes.  Next you all have sheets on your beds.  Lastly, you have towels.  You have towels in the bathrooms and you probably also have towels in the kitchen.  If it’s summer, you may also have pool towels.  To me, that sounds like a minimal of 3 loads, depending on the size of your washer.  Clothes.  Sheets.  Towels.

But wait a second.  What if you have jeans to wash?  Or a nice shirt.  I wash my jeans and my nicer clothes in cold water.  I always like to wash my underwear and socks and basics in warm water.  Kid clothes are always in warm water because #messy.  So now we have 4 loads.  Do you also separate whites?  I don’t, but I know some do.  

So now here we are with all the laundry in all these piles on the floor.  And the truth of it all?  The laundry never ends.  It never does.  Because we continue to wear clothes and eat food and do our thing – so even if Sunday is laundry day and we CLEAN ALL THE THINGS, it’s so short lived.

How it Came About

I think my system came along around the same time as my third baby.  As a new family of 5, I just could not fathom how I was going to keep track of it all.  I kept getting these baskets full of laundry that no one wanted to fold, when, truth be told, I don’t hate folding laundry but it just felt like SO much.  

Laundry is actually a measurable task – you can tell when it’s done because the items are clean and put away and the baskets are empty.  I feel like it can really create a sense of accomplishment. Plus, you can totally do it while you’re watching tv.  I miss tv.

A Peek at My System

I have 3 kids.  So each one of them will get their own day because kids are messy.  That’ll give us at least 7 pairs of underwear, 7 sets of pajamas and proably 7-10 outfits, depending on how messy of a week it really was.  Depending on the size of your washer, you may also be able to fit their bed sheets and bath towels in this load as well.

So then there is me and my husband.  Should we each get a day?  I almost did it that way but then I remembered the whole warm water/cold water conversation I started above.  So we would combine our clothes and one day I would wash the warm water items and the next day, the cold water items.  I’ll be honest, some weeks the cold water load waits another week because there’s just not enough stuff in there.  But hey, no big deal!

2 days left.  On one of those days, I wash our bed sheets.  We do change our sheets once a week but I know not everyone does.  And then on the other day, I wash towels.  This includes our towels from our bathroom as well as any kitchen towels or workout towels, dog towels, etc.  At our last house, we had a pool in the backyard and one of those days had an extra load that was just pool towels.  But pool towels are big – that’s easily a whole different thing.

Now, after all this, does that mean that I never have laundry laying around?  I mean, come on, let’s be real, life happens, but I truly find it to be so much more manageable this way!

I have a white board in our laundry room (see above), but this here is a cute little freebie for you that you can simply download and print.  Each day has a line, each line has potential for laundry completion and satisfaction.  A little serious for laundry?  Maybe, but I find when I add a little organization, it makes me more willing to do it.  What do you think?

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  1. This is what I need to start incorporating in my life– Laundry EVERY DAY. This is helpful thank you !
    Love your blog, btw!
    xo, Lisa (Mom Wife Design Life)

    1. carlibdesai

      Yay! Thank you so much! I’m so glad you found it helpful – it’s some of the little things that make the biggest difference!

  2. I’m so glad we are not the only ones that have so.much.laundry. Great tips for getting the laundry under control!

    1. carlibdesai

      It literally never ends, am I right?!

  3. I HATE laundry—mainly putting it away. Perhaps your system will help me hate it less 🙂 Thanks!

    1. carlibdesai

      Agreed, putting it away can be a pain, but if we do a little each day maybe it’s a little less painful?

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