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So You Want to Try a Clothing Service

I totally get it.  We are busy, we are tired, we feel blah.  We want some new clothes and accessories but we are feeling overwhelmed about actually getting out to buy them.  Shopping online is also overwhelming. 

Enter the clothing subscription service.    

How it Works

So it’s a little like online dating.  You go on their website and you fill out all this personal information.  You tell them what size you wear and what kind of clothes you like and how much money you want to spend on them.

You schedule when you want to get your first edit (shipment) and you pay a $20 fee to get a collection of 7 new items sent to your door.  

You ooh and aah over said items, try them all on, keep what you want and send back what you don’t – in a prepaid, addressed envelope included in your box.

And then you get another one.  In a month.  Or two months.  Or not at all.  You totally control it.  You’re not locked in to any sort of anything.  You decide.  

The Stream

I have mixed feelings on the stream portion of the system.  How the stream works, is that you get to review items that fit into what you may like based on your quiz results and preferences that you previously filled out.

When scrolling through, you have the option to request an item or decline an item.  If you’re not sure, you can scroll past without selecting either.  You don’t have to select one to move on.  That’s part that I like. 

Another part I like is that price point is one portion that you also define in your preferences.  You’re not seeing items in your stream that are $300 when you want to spend less than $100.  

Part that I don’t like is that sometimes I have very strong feelings about why I may or may not like something.  Sometimes I may like something about a piece but not all parts.  There’s no way to comment on the pieces and say that you like this part but wish it was less expensive or a different color or fabric or whatever it may be.  

My First Edit

This shirt was a no for me.  Even though it was my size, it just didn’t fit or lay quite right.

I’ve been looking for some good distressed jeans – these were super cute but also super tight and gave me a bit of a muffin top.  Back they go.

As soon as I pulled these up, they felt amazing.  They are stretchy and comfy and I love the details of the zippers and cargo pockets.  I do still feel the need to pull them up a good bit but I love them.

I put on these jeans and I LOVED them.  They felt good and they looked good, but the tricky part with jeans, sometimes, as you know, is that sometimes they don’t stay put.  These were the same brand, and I believe even the same cut as some others I’ve had previously that were constantly falling down and/or showing my butt crack.  It’s going to be a no.

This striped shirt and this cardigan quickly became staples for me.  I actually had a small issue with the cardigan and noticed the second time I wore it that it had a small hole in one of the seams at the shoulder.  I sent a quick note to their customer care team and they sent me a new one!

Love these jeans!  A little tight but not tight enough to make knee fat pop out of the holes in the knees.  A higher rise that helps keep everything in check.  With a little edge, of course! 

The Verdict

The crazy thing for me, which I keep trying to tell you, is that all of these clothes came in the same size.  Some of the pants were too small and some were borderline too big.  This is part of the reason I find these services to be a little tricky – it’s just so hard to know what size you are.  In the end, it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference what size you are, but you still need to have clothes that fit.  So we continue on, and we try again.  It’s maybe a little more annoying because you only have one size to try on and if it doesn’t fit, that’s it, but it’s also still pretty fun and a great way to step out of your comfort zone a little bit and get some new, unique pieces.

Grab Yours!

Did I tell you that you can also get activewear?  Because you can.  Perfect for the carpool line or a trip to the zoo – actual workout completely optional.

Click here for Fashion pieces: 

Click here for Fitness pieces:

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