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Icing Ruffles Tutorial

How to Make Ruffles out of Icing

In case you missed all the details on the cake itself buried under all that beautiful ruffle icing, you can find it here.  But this post right here, this is to help you achieve those pretty little ruffles.

How to Get it Done

I call this skill level intermediate but I’m not sure I would consider myself an intermediate baker and decorator.  My qualifications are that I am artistic, I do bake cakes from scratch and that I have created other cakes such as these in my past: 

The stripe and tie cakes were my first tries at using a piping bag and from scratch recipes.  And honestly I would say that I didn’t think any of these were terribly hard.  I think I watched a quick video for the rosettes and just had a Pinterest graphic to go by for the rainbow cake.  BUT, I suppose it’s all perspective in whether you think something like this is challenging or not.  

So back to these ruffles.  They call them rose petals.  I call them ruffles.  Either way, it’s an organic shape which leaves PLENTY of room for error and it’s delicious.  

The Details

I had a vision of how I wanted this cake to look.  The base of my cake was white and then I dyed some yellow and blue icing.  I wanted this yellow top and then I wanted it to ombre into green (when mixing with the blue) and then be blue at the bottom.  That’s how I put it in my piping bag and just let it mix – a glob of yellow and then a glob of blue.

What I didn’t account for was the ruffles or petals not being full coverage.  To me, the cake photographs better than how it looked in person.  My Mom and Mother in Law thought it looked great.  As my first try, I saw mostly room for improvement.

You’ll notice that in the video, they use pink icing for everything – the base as well as the ruffle.  While I think the look of my cake was partially dependent on my technique and just not having it down quite yet, I also think the errors wouldn’t have shown as much had it all been the same color.

That is why, for my second cake, I chose to be a little more subtle with my color and I LOVED the result.  I also had a cake’s worth of practice under my belt so I’m sure that helped.  I simply put a glob of yellow in my bag first and then added white.  It really did make a beautiful and soft ombre.

Whenever you see fancy cake tutorials they always have those decorating turntables.  I don’t have one of those but I found that I had a spare, I’ll call it a, storage turntable.  Mom and I put our spices on these inside the cabinet.  I simply put my platter on there and turned it just like the video.  My turntable is old and cheap, though, and didn’t turn all that smoothly.  I really think you could get a similar result with a paper plate.  Truly.

The trick I found, as I meandered through was to overlap my strokes and also make them as long as possible.  You’ll notice short, misaligned strokes on the first cake, if you look for them.  The video shows wiping the tip after each stroke.  I definitely didn’t do this.  I probably cleaned it off every 5-10 strokes.

The Tools

I believe this tip size is either 104 or 406 – it’s a large petal tip.  I used the 104.  I also use disposable piping bags.  Not best for the environment but I found that it was so challenging to get the other ones totally clean.

To get the colors, I used the gel dye that you can pick up in the baking aisle at the grocery store.

My kit I use is Wilton. This is one that I would recommend - it does have the 104 petal tip and if you think you might be doing some additional decorating going forward, these are super helpful to have. Plus Amazon. Plus less than $20 and Prime shipping!
I think I originally picked mine up at Target but if you're getting tips on Amazon already, these are available as an add on item and less than $5. You can't beat that.

The Video

What Did You Think?

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