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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is June 17th

This year.  2018.  June 17th.  Juuuust in case you needed a reminder!  Best to prepare accordingly, right?  You still have time – even to get some things personalized!  I’ve rounded up my Top 12 Gifts that I think any Dad would love.  Of course, this also includes the father of your children, especially if your kids aren’t big enough to pick things out themselves, yet.  I mean, that guy is worth celebrating, too, right?  Most of these items are things that either we have at our house already or that I just know my husband would love, as well. 

As luck would have it, his birthday is on June 16th so it’s a bit of a double whammy for us.  Don’t tell, but he’s getting a custom cornhole board.  And hand made cards and slobbery kisses from the kids, of course.

Dad, Daddio, Daddy, Daddums, Bill

Whatever you call your Dad, don’t forget to celebrate him, this year.  While we may have the opportunities to tell our dads anytime how much we care, only once a year do they get a special day dedicated just to them!  It’s on the calendar and everything!

What stories do you have about Father’s Days past?  I remember once when I was little my dad tricked me into telling him what I’d gotten him as a present.  I was little enough to be tricked but old enough to feel really shitty about it after I realized what I had done.  Little enough to not actually use shitty as a descriptor.  That’s the 36 year old me talking.  I remember he still acted surprised when he opened it a week later but I also remember not being sure if I 100% believed him.  It was a tie.  Ironic that still makes the guide as a classic gift for a classic Dad.  Some gifts are truly timeless.  And while my Dad no longer wears ties, my husband sure wears the hell out of them!

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  1. That BBQ kit is so cute! I always struggle on what to buy for fathers day. Thank you for sharing some ideas!

  2. I too love that BBQ kit! Great ideas it can be so hard to think about what to get dad!

  3. Erin Haugerud

    great round up! I guess it is time to start thinking about this isn’t it?

    1. carlibdesai

      It always sneaks up on me! I think it’s only 2 weeks from this weekend!

  4. Dads are so hard to shop for. Thanks for this.

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