5 Reasons to Try a Clothing Service

Wantable Edit: Review

You keep seeing the ads for them, right?  They’re popping up everywhere telling you about how they will make you stylish and make your life easier and this, that and the next thing.  And the clothes they always show are SO cute, am I right?  Can I just buy that outfit, right there?  Well, if you’re on the fence, let me talk to you about why you MAY want to give a clothing service like Wantable a try.  

Lesson 1 – the collection of clothes that they send to you – they call it an Edit.

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1. It's Expert Styling

This feels weird for me to say, because I do offer styling services but these companies are on a whole different level.  While I may be able to find you some great core pieces for doing your mom thang, these stylists can just find things I can’t.  A lot of times, they will even have their own brands that are specific to them so you literally get things from them that you can’t get anywhere else.  See what they did, there?  It’s a little sneaky, but it’s good stuff.

The thing about these services is that it is so personal.  And they have more than one stylist that may work with you to help find you what you’re looking for.  You may have one stylist that picks out all things that you love and the next just may not quite get it.  I have definitely found this to be true in my own experience. 

In my own edits, I kept 4 out of 7 items in my first box – 2 of the ones I didn’t keep because they were too small/ill fitting.  The other one I didn’t keep was a pair of jeans that was very similar to a pair I already had.  In my second edit, most of the box was a flop, if I’m honest.  Things just didn’t fit right or didn’t feel right, BUT, also included was this AMAZING pair of jeans.  I still consider that box a win.  While I didn’t get multiple items, I did get a pair of jeans that I love and that, my friends, is SO hard to come by.  You feel me?

You can see a more detailed review of my first edit, and how it all works, here.

Also, did you know you can also get workout clothes??

And Mens (activewear)!  I haven’t tried it for my husband, yet, but I think I may before the summer is up.

2. It's Delivered to Your Door!

In the age of way too many emails to ever be able to read in a lifetime (please tell me I’m not the only one drowning in emails), it is SO fun to get a surprise in the mail.  I mean, you know it’s coming, but you don’t know what’s coming, literally, until you open the box!  There is something so fun about that!  I remember opening my first box.  It was so heavy!  There were 4 pairs of pants, 2 shirts and a cardigan.  A cardigan which I now live in.  Well, I did, before we skipped over Spring and launched into Summer in North Carolina.

My second box, this one pictured here, had my dream jeans in inside.  

3. Minimal Cost and Majority Discount

To get started, they don’t send you clothes for free.  You pay a styling fee of $20 when they select your items and send you your shipment. Don’t quote me on it, but I think the fitness one is only $10. Anything you decide to keep, that $20 (or $10) goes towards it.  If the whole box is a bust though, you are out that money. 

When deciding which items to keep, I’ve used services in the past that would give you a 20% discount if you bought all the items that you were sent.  The cool thing about Wantable is, first, that they send you 7 items instead of 5 and second, that if you keep 5 of the 7, you can get that 20% discount.  Pretty cool, to me.  You’re still buying the majority of the items and still getting a discount while feeling less pressure to buy it all.

4. Fast and Easy to Sign up

Ok, so yes, it takes a little bit of time to get through the whole process and the whole likes and don’t likes and price range and all of that, but really, you can definitely knock it out faster than it would take you to make an online dating profile.  It’s been awhile, but trust me, I have experience there!

You have your basics of the type of items your looking for, the price range you’re looking to spend, colors you like and don’t like, etc.  You also have the option to check out their stream of items where you can request (or decline) items as well.  You’re not guaranteed something if you do request it, but you may receive it as an option to try out.

5. Customer Service is Top Notch

That means it’s really, really good.  That’s totally a line from one of my kid’s books.  They are like a real store with real and personal customer service.  My new favorite cardigan that I received in my first edit, the second time I wore it, I noticed that it had a hole in one of the seams.  I emailed the care team and sent them a quick photo of it and they sent me a new one, just like that!

If you are in a place where your wardrobe is feeling a little stale but you just can’t be bothered to go and pick things out yourself, a clothing service is a great thing to try as a fun little treat!  Who couldn’t use a style refresh as we head into the summer?  I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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