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Swimsuits for Every Body Type

From Sea to Shining Swimming Pool

They seem to show up in the front section at Target earlier and earlier each year.  But I’m finally ready to admit (even though we literally had snow last weekend), that maybe we are getting close to swimsuit season.

For many of us, we have these big, lofty goals of toning up and getting into this great “beach body” shape or something silly like that.  But how about this year, we just accept where we are and dress our bodies accordingly?  Now, I get it.  Even if we are going to be all accepting and stuff, there are probably still some things we would rather mask or cover up a little, right?  So let’s talk it through.   

How to Hide a Little Tummy

No lie – part of what I love about being pregnant is that I can just let my belly hang out and have it be cute because I’m pregnant.  I mean, being pregnant, I’m totally confident in a swimsuit.  What I’m not as big of a fan of is having this larger than average belly, but not actually being pregnant.  

So many of us struggle with this, am I right?  I think the natural reaction is to simply try to cover it, but let me be the first to tell you that not all coverings are created equal.  Does that even make sense?  You know what I mean, right?

There are a few things, that I have found, that we can do to help with this.  

1. Ruching

I remember my mom wearing this shiny aqua dress when I was little.  It must have been for something fancy like a wedding or New Year’s Eve or something like that, but I remember that it had all this gathering that came to a point on the one side and then it had this sparkly brooch on top.  I don’t know why I remember that dress, but it is so vivid in my mind.  

You may have similar thoughts about ruching, but I assure you, that it does not have to be “old lady.”  Basically, all it does is adds in some extra fabric and some small pleating to both pull you in a little bit and also disguise a little bit. 

With a plain single fabric one piece, you’re still leaving yourself open to it showing basically everything, especially when it’s wet.  By adding a bit more fabric in there, you’re adding structure and also adding in an element of padding, where you can’t see your bellybutton through the middle.

We Are Gathered Here Today:

sizes 4-34: this has so many color/pattern options
sizes 8-24: love the unique neckline/straps
plus sizes: actually two pieces - still under $100
sizes XS-1X: other patterns available, tops and bottoms sold separately

2. Hike Up That Waist

I LOVE this look so much.  The high waisted suit is old vintage glam and it just looks so great on so many different shapes.  I’ll be honest, I haven’t found one that I love for myself yet, but I’m going to grab a few for you that I think would be good options.

The higher waist is great for a few reasons.  One is that the waist is higher so you’re not worried about showing anyone your butt crack while you’re chasing after all your crazy kids.  Another is that you can totally wear a bikini without feeling as exposed as we can sometimes feel in bikinis.  And bathroom breaks?  Two pieces, yes please.  Add in some ruching and you’re really set!  

You Take the High Road:

sizes 6-24: I just can't get enough of the polka dots
sizes 4-24: black and white is always a hit
sizes 4-24: love the sheer detail
sizes 6-24: piping outline for a fun effect

When You're a Little Busty

When you’re a little busty, the girls need a little extra support, am I right? 

When you’re a mom, you don’t always want to be showing everyone your business, yes?  

Say, yes.

sizes 8-24: order by cup size, all the way up to F/G
sizes 4-34: great for busty gals as well - trust me, this is a personal favorite!
plus sizes 16-24: top only
sizes xs-1x: I also have this style and feel like coverage is pretty good. I'm a DD

Part of the Itty Bitty, Well, You Know

So IF you’re a mom, there is a good chance you’re suffering from some sort of boob saggage, even if you never breastfed.  However, just because you may be feeling a little deflated, being a mom doesn’t mean your cups runneth over.  Sometimes they are literally deflated.  It’s ok to need a little pick me up.

  1. get you an underwire
  2. don’t be embarrassed to utilize a little padding and a little structure
  3. but also don’t be embarrassed to just accept them as they are…
sizes xs-xxl: because small boobies doesn't mean small all over. top and bottom sold separately
sizes xs-xl: love this as a fun and flirty top. top and bottom sold separately
sizes xs-1x: bottoms sold separately but I love that they are a higher waist but still read as a regular bikini bottom
sizes xs-3x: the ruffle is great, the wrap is great, it also has some ruching for some midsection camouflage

Too Much Booty in the Pants

First of all, it’s not too much booty (your booty is just fine).  And second of all, it’s not you, it’s them.  I’m all for celebrating a great booty but I’m telling you, it will still look just as great fully covered.  Can we also agree that we’re not 20 anymore?

sizes xs-3x: bottoms only, high rise, full coverage back
sizes 2-24: higher waist but not too high and full coverage back
sizes 4-24: literally come in 10 colors - adjustable sides and full coverage back - so cute
sizes 8-24: I seriously love this style - the back is totally cute with a full coverage bottom!

Water Sports, Anyone?

A little more coverage, a little more flexibility to move and grove and do your beach or pool thang, whatever it may be!

sizes 4-24: top and bottom sold separately - top has tie detail on the back that matches the bottoms - tons of colors
sizes 2-16 - top and bottom sold separately - this one comes in white and black
XS-XXL: also suitable for shopping - top and bottom sold separately
XS-XXL: tops and bottoms sold separately - love all the colors and patterns we can mix and match

The Wrap Up

The pursuit of the perfect swimsuit is daunting.  This was just a sampling of what I could find that I loved for this season.  I hope you see some here that you love, too.  If you pick any of these up, I want to hear all about it!


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