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Set the Stage for Summer

Float into Summer knowing you are prepared for the sun, fun, fashion, and friendly at-home entertainment.

Shortly after the April showers, the May flowers, and the wave of pollen which seems to cover every conceivable square inch of outdoor space, it quickly turns to Summer in the South. Tan lines, tank tops, and flip flops become the ambiguous uniform of the season. Neighbors come out from behind their tightly drawn blinds and closed curtains to expose themselves to the sunlight and get their first kiss of its heat on their winterized skin. As the world and the perennial flowers thaw off and emerge, it is a visual reminder to start prepping for the hot weather to come.

Check out these 5 tips to help you set the stage for Summer:

1. Stock up on Sunscreen

Extend your time outside by ensuring you and your loved ones are protected from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Sunburn and sun poisoning are the mortal enemies of summertime fun, and they will rob people of moments of outdoor bliss. Do not allow such a calamity to happen when you are at the height of relaxation. Try using a broad spectrum sunscreen every two to two and a half hours you ensure your time outdoors has longevity and resilience against nature’s harshest opponent, the sun. Plus, using sunscreen keeps your skin looking and feeling moisturized and youthful as opposed to dried out and flakey.

2. Clean Out Your Closet

This is my favorite part!  Pull out the shorts and swimsuits and start preparing your dresser drawers and closet space for warmer weather. Make room for bright new pieces by stashing away stuffy, heavy coats and opting for airy eyelet detailed tops or some high-waisted denim. Then capitalize on this Summer’s hottest trends by packing up your knee high leather boots and choosing slides or block heels to show off some pretty, painted toes. Check out some of the season’s must-have looks as identified by Harper’s Bazaar.

3. Hit the Gym

When clothes cover less you start showing off more and more of your body. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, now is the time to start working out any areas which prompt thoughts of insecurity.  A regular regime in the gym paired with a healthy diet will have you feeling more confident in no time. Here is an example of a four-week beach body workout you can try, which targets some common problem areas for women.

4. Make Your Plans Now

Even though school is out for the year, family and personal calendars get bogged down with vacations, outings, and spontaneous adventures. Be sure to plan ahead for time spent with family, friends, and neighbors. Whether it is a backyard barbecue, a trip to an exotic destination, or just an exciting night out on the town, having the event on the calendar will help keep you focused and ensure you have an epic summer experience with people you care about.

5. Prep the Yard for Outdoor Relaxation and Entertaining

source: www.recwarehouse.com

There is more needed for summer than just personal preparation; you also need to make sure your home and lawn are ready for the change in the weather. You will likely be spending a lot more time outdoors, and you want to create a comfortable space where guests are welcome, and you feel at ease while entertaining them. Walk the boundaries of your yard and cut back dead vegetation, tend to your dormant lawn, and maintain any outdoor areas, especially on the deck or patio, which experienced wear and tear during the winter. Once everything is in prime condition, finish it off with some new patio furniture to inspire luxurious outdoor relaxation.

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