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Retailer Review: Thinx Period Underwear!

Retailer Spotlight: Thinx Period Undies

Can we talk about your period for a second?  Full disclosure: that’s exactly what we are about to do!  If being a woman or having a period is offensive to you, then you can just move on before we even get started!

I want to talk about Thinx underwear for periods.

I first heard about period undies when I was pregnant.  Of course.  And basically, I’ve either been pregnant, or breastfeeding or trying to get pregnant for the last close to 6 years (we have 3 beautiful children ages 4.5, 2.5 and 10 months). That is so crazy to think about.  But anyhow, I first heard about period undies sometime around and in-between all these pregnancies.  

With no end to pregnancy in sight I held off on any further action – until recently.  I’ve finally gotten my husband to stop talking about a 4th baby and I’m also feeling a little strange that we will be ending our breastfeeding journey in a mere 2 months.  And then what?  Nothing crazy will happen, I suppose, but it’ll be nice to have my body back.  Not necessarily the shape or the size of my body before babies (this is a WHOLE different conversation that I talk about often), but just my body. 

I’ve been truly blessed to be able to carry all 3 of my children to term and also to be able to breastfeed each one for a year, but I’m just really ready to be done with all that.  I’m ready for the next phase – soccer practice and dance lessons and getting at least 6 hours of sleep a night.  And fortunately or unfortunately, that next phase, if I’m no longer going to be pregnant, includes periods!

Diva What?

Ah Ha!  Insert the menstrual cup (literally) and period undies!  Somewhere in-between all these pregnancies and babies, I started thinking about small ways in which I could be a little kinder to the environment.  I’m not sure why my period seemed like a good place to start.  Maybe because the main impact of it would be on me and no one else would have to be concerned with it.  And hey, if I could stop buying tampons and big bulky pads, that would be kind of nice, right?  Spoiler alert: it is SO nice.

I feel that we are way past TMI at this point, in this post here, so I’ll just say it like it is.  I’ve never been one to ‘just’ wear a pad or ‘just’ wear a tampon.  I’ve always had a pretty heavy flow so I’ve always done tampons with pads as back up.  I’ve never understood women that say they only wear one or the other.  Like, who does that?  What do you mean you don’t wear a pad, too?

So to me, these panties make sense.  They are my panties and big bulky pad all in one, except without the big and bulky factor.  Without the bunching, without the slipping, the rubbing, without something accidentally coming loose and sticking to my butt cheek.  Here, I’m pairing them with a menstrual cup.  I know there are a few brands out there but I use the Diva Cup.  That’s probably a whole different blog post entirely but just know that my relationship started out a bit rocky with the cup but now I love it!  

The absorbency of these panties mostly depends on the coverage.  Example, your thong style isn’t going to hold as much as your boyshort.  Makes sense if you think about it.  We are looking at a minimum of a half a tampon’s worth and a maximum of 2 tampons’ worth.

The Most Unusual of Suspects



cotton brief



cotton thong



cotton bikini

I picked up the hiphugger, hi-waist and sport.  I wanted to try 3 pairs to adequately get me through my period.  One to wear, one to wash and a back up.  Plus, you get a 10% discount when you buy 3.  You get an even bigger discount when you buy 5 or 7 pairs!  Also, 60 day satisfaction guarantee.  So seriously, if you don’t love them, they will totally take them back.

My personal favorites, of the three that I tried, were the hiphuggers.  Second was the sport and in last place, the hi-waist.  I had really high hopes for these (ha, high hopes – that was totally not intentional), but didn’t feel like they worked for me personally.  The back side was a little more “cheeky” than I prefer and also the waist on mine kept rolling down.  I envisioned them being a little more like shapewear and they just weren’t.  

The Review

the pros

  • They are comfortable – feel just like regular underwear
  • I had zero leaks
  • There is no bunching or discomfort from bulky pads 
  • They were the perfect back up to my menstrual cup.
  • They even kept me dry when I sneezed and peed a little (which they are NOT meant to do or advertised to do, but hey, it’s a perk).  Note to self: do more kegels

the cons

  • The lining is black.  Which, this is probably expected and probably makes sense but it’s a little harder to tell when they’re soiled and need changing.  I honestly probably wore them a few more days than I needed to just because I was having discharge and not blood and couldn’t tell the difference by looking at it.
  • They seem a little smelly to me – not initially, but after wearing for a few hours.  Now, do they make you smell more than just normal period stuff?  Probably not.  I don’t think anyone else would have noticed.  I was more sticking my nose down there to really check things out.  Worst case, you can change your underwear out as soon as you notice them getting a little smelly.

The Verdict

I mean, that’s 5 pros and 2 cons.  I’ll tell you right now, I’m sold and never looking back!  The only thing that could make these more amazing is to see how long they last.  I would think at least a year but only time will tell.  Seriously, being a woman is hard enough.  This is just one little thing that can make our periods a little bit easier.  And now I’m even thinking of my daughter and how she can utilize products like these as well and be more comfortable with her own periods.  

I suppose another con could be that they are a little expensive and honestly, I haven’t worked up recently how much money I was putting into pads and tampons.  Yes, they are around $30 a pair.  You’re not going to get a 5 for $25 deal, but these also aren’t underwear you’re wearing every day.  You’re wearing them once a month for a few days so, fingers crossed, hopefully, they’ll last you a good while and will in fact be worth the money.  

And I guess another con could be that you have to wash them, and that’s a pain, but I usually do at least one load of laundry a day so this wasn’t adding to that.  I wasn’t grossed out by any of it either, because kids, but I guess some could be.  I may have rearranged my schedule slightly to accommodate and I washed all those clothes in cold water for the week but none of those clothes seem to be complaining.

All in all, I’m one very pleased woman.  I was skeptical, but they delivered.  Maybe they even over-delivered.  And I never thought that not having to wear a pad would feel liberating but somehow it does.  And while I tuck them away in the drawer for the next 28 days or so, I smile, because I’m doing a little part to help minimize waste and it’s actually super comfortable for me.  So there’s that.  

Have you tried Thinx?  I would love to hear what you think!

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