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A Retailer That’s Getting it Right

Old Cloth, New Cloth, ModCloth

It’s no secret that I’ve been a little angry at the retailers lately.  Angry that my size isn’t one that’s easy to fit.  Angry that I’m too thin to be fat and too fat to be thin.  In some sort of place of “extra” where I’m not quite plus sized but also uncomfortable in the same cut that a size 6 or 8 might wear.  Why is it so damn hard to find clothes that fit right?  That’s why we aren’t wearing clothes that fit.  Because we can’t find them. 

One of the things I truly love about ModCloth is that they feature a standard and plus sized model in every style that both are available.  How Freaking Awesome Is That?  Seriously.  I find it so hard to visualize how something will look on me when I’m seeing something on this adorable size 2 or 4 or whatever she is.  No offense to her, but she just doesn’t look like me!  No wonder we are confused and sending back more things than we are keeping!

An Old Introduction

I remember hearing about ModCloth years ago.  I remember doing some browsing from my office when I was supposed to be working.  I was a different person then.  But now, here we have come out on the other side and I can not tell you how much I love this company. 

Maybe it’s just this single high that I’m on. 

Maybe it’s the excitement of finding 3 different shirts that all fit and feel amazing in different ways.  

Maybe I need to try some of their jeans.  I mean, I’m just saying.  Don’t get me started on the jeans debacle!

My recent experience maybe didn’t start out as excitable as I am now.  And when I say recent, I mean this version of me.  I think I got a shirt from them 6-8 months ago.  Honestly, it was a little weird and a little long.  It was much longer on me than it was on any of the models.  So much so that I emailed them about it.  So they sent me a new one – and even though that one was just as long, it was still a pretty cool thing.  

Next, I bought a swimsuit.  I had this maternity swimsuit that reminded me of some kind of vintage glam, except that it was maternity.  Even so, I probably still would have worn it but it also had this weird saggy crotch.  I don’t know about you, but my crotch area isn’t one where I tend to put on a lot of my baby weight.  Anyhow, I found this swimsuit on ModCloth and even though I’ve only worn it in my closet, I am so in love with it and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for in a suit.  It feels amazing on and I just love the way that it looks.  I can’t wait to wear it out this summer!

The Three Tops I'm Raving About!

Here, Kitty Kitty

I don’t even know why I like this top so much.  I found it recently when I was doing Virtual Styling for a client and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I’m not usually one for character type things and I think that something about this one – the delicacy of the embroidery, the cleverness of it, I don’t even know, but I seriously can’t love this shirt enough.  One of the reviewers said that it was a little “boxy.”  I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that but something that I noticed as soon as I went to put it on was that the fabric had some weight to it so it wasn’t slinky or slippery.  To me, it’s just a good quality shirt and actually helps to hide an imperfection or two.  Are you kitten me, right meow?  This is totally my new brunch top.  Paired with a cardigan of course.  

Dress it up with some skinnies and a cute flat, dress it down with a sneaker and some distressed jeans.

Fluttery Like a Butterfly

The plus sized model is what sold this for me.  Look how pretty she looks!  Peplum can be an intimidating descriptor.  There’s gathering and flaring and it’s not always in the right place and doesn’t always do us any favors.  But this, I love this. Yes, the fabric is a little slinky but I’m wearing a camisole under it anyhow.  It’s very flattering and so comfy.

Disclaimer, it’s possible that this top makes me look the slightest bit pregnant but honestly that’s not the top’s fault.  That’s just sort of what my body looks like right now.  I’m not being funny or sarcastic in any way.  I mean, I’m being a little funny, because that’s just a little funny to admit that as a body descriptor – “looks just the slightest bit pregnant.  Isn’t.” but it is what it is.  My body will change again.  Currently, I’m holding onto some stress in my belly area.  Thankful that it’s only stress and not another baby in there, let’s be honest, here!  Three is plenty.  Plenty, plenty.

Muse-y Floral Top

So delicate and so pretty.  Someone actually commented that they were mad because the embroidery isn’t white.  That it’s more of a cream. I mean, maybe it is, but cream or white, isn’t a make or break thing for me.  I feel like this type of sleeve can be a little weird sometimes but I like it here.  The fabric is thin and airy and it just sits nicely.  I just.  I freaking love it.  

This will definitely carry through to all seasons.  Ok, more like spring and summer.  This is not a winter shirt.  Did you actually think that you would wear a short sleeve shirt like this in the winter?  And fall, I mean, yeah you’re probably not wearing this in the fall either but these next two seasons coming up – this shirt has got you covered!

Just. Yes.

That’s it, ModCloth.  You’ve got a customer for life.  First the top notch customer service (which really is a big deal to have good customer service), then the swimsuit and now these three new shirts that are going to be staples for me.  You and me.  We are going to be friends.  Thank you for being awesome.

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