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THE Ultimate MOM Capsule Wardrobe

Is Your Wardrobe Feeling a Little Stale?

Trust me, I was guilty of it, too.

  • Ugh, what do I wear, today?
  • Why does it even matter what I wear?
  • The kids will just mess it up anyhow.
  • Is that snot?


Do you feel me?

The Deets

I’ve looked around.  I wanted to see what this capsule business was all about.  I saw a lot of mix and match and I saw a lot of things that didn’t apply to me.  Namely, skirts and dresses.  And mostly those don’t apply to me at the moment because I’m chasing around little kids at the moment.  And heels?  No, thank you!

There were parts of each one that I found, that I could see myself in, but nothing quite what I was looking for as a busy, when is the last time I took a shower, mom. So I made my own.  BOOM!

But the main point here is that none of this HAS to be complicated.  We are the ones that make it that way.  Really with just a few basic pieces (ok, 15 to be exact), you can create more than 20 different looks.  The beauty of the capsule is that it’s made up of basic pieces.  And basics are basics for a reason.  They work.  They work alone, they work together, they are a certain amount of timeless and they just work.  

But How Basic is Basic?

Look at that little pile of hopes and dreams!  Just because it’s a basic doesn’t mean it has to be boring.  You can easily play around a little with color and with pattern if you feel comfortable.  So what are these basics?

  1. Skinny Jeans – because they are easier to stuff into boots (but can also be rolled and worn without a boot).
  2. Straight Leg Jeans – because they are super versatile (and can also be stuffed into boots).
  3. Non-Denim Pants – corduroy, velvet, colored denim, even leggings can work here!
  4. Striped Shirt – or just any patterned shirt if you’re feeling sassy.
  5. White Shirt – short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, long sleeve, crew neck, boat neck, v-neck (just not TOO low) – what’s your white shirt jam?
  6. Denim/Chambray Blouse – I LOVE a good softened denim button down.  I mean really.  Big heart eyes!
  7. Colored Blouse – because a denim blouse with denim pants is not usually the look we are going for…you can even do a white blouse here – as long as it buttons all the way down.
  8. Graphic Tee – I could look at graphic tees all day long.  I could probably also spend a small fortune on them if I wasn’t careful.  Some funny shit out there, ha.
  9. Patterned Cardigan – just like if your regular cardigan went to a party.
  10. Solid Cardigan – in one of your favorite colors.  Pick something you gravitate towards, that makes you smile.
  11. Vest – this could be a puffy vest or a long vest or a structured vest.  Just not a vest that one might wear under a tuxedo.  Or one with a shiny back that you might have worn in say, 1998?  I think that was a pretty solid year for fancy vests, at least at our house…
  12. Scarf – there are literally too many different options to list.  Pick one you like.  I like to pick one with a bunch of colors in it so that you can wear it with almost anything.  I also like to use a rectangle shaped scarf so that it can be tied and worn in multiple ways. Multifunctional fashion at its finest!
  13. Flats – not a sneaker, not a boot, not a heel.  Just a flat shoe that you can easily slide on and off.
  14. Sneakers – they have ties.  At the very least, faux ties.  Not an athletic shoe per say, but more a shoe appropriate for running the aisles at Target or into preschool because you’re just a touch late.
  15. Boots – these can be knee high or these can be booties.  My favorites are a medium brown color with a black sole.  The mix of those two colors make me feel like they literally match everything.

Add in a Little Mix...

and a little match.

If you want to get a little more information about what we are talking about, you can check it out, HERE!

If you already know, plain and simple that you need it in your life (I mean, it is FREE, so why not), and want to see how I put everything together, you can click here, instead.

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