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On Being a Less Than Ideal Size…

What Are You Wearing?

We’ve all done it.  Or at least I’ve done it and I’ll admit it to you.  Whether you nod in acknowledgment or not is completely personal and your business.  We literally have nothing to wear.  We have things in our closets that are our size, or at least that used to be, and they just don’t fit right.  And we put them on, just like we did the day before, because they are our clothes and they are the clothes that we have to wear.  

But we don’t feel good.  We feel like we have to suck something in or wrap something up or wear some kind of girdle, or at the very least a tank top as a buffer and it’s just all uncomfortable.  OR, maybe it’s comfortable and feels good first thing, but then as the day goes on, something is digging, something needs pulling up, things are just all stretched and misaligned by 2 pm, by the end of the day, whenever.  I feel like most of the time, I wake up feeling like I look pretty good and can take on the world but then something hits mid-day where I can’t keep my pants up or can’t hide a roll in my belly (where did that even come from – it wasn’t there this morning!) or I’m even just covered in some form of child excrement.  Our favorite lately, is snot.

Am I the size that I want to be?  I mean, ideally, in a perfect world?  No.  But, I can also tell you that in this not so perfect world, that this body size really enjoys cake, so it may be that I have a thing or two to do with being this size.  Should I eat less cake?  I mean, probably.  Honestly, I’m just about done breastfeeding my last baby and I feel a little weird about all the freedom I’m about to have.  I don’t even remember how to take care of my own body when I’m the only one I’m doing it for.  You get what I mean, right?  The main point here, if there is one, is that we are what we are in this moment.  There is no sense in shaming ourselves for enjoying a little extra cake in this season of life. 

If you’re reading this, there is a good chance that you’re a mom.  That your kids are young.  That you’re not sleeping as much as you could be.  That you might be pregnant, or you might have just had a baby, or you might be nursing, or you might have middle schoolers that have crazy schedules with sports and the like.  We have enough stress, guilt and whatever over just normal every day life.  The point here…

Buy Clothes That Fit

Clothes that fit you today.  Not “goal jeans” that you may fit into in a few weeks or in a few days after you try out this Whole 30 mess or some other kind of cleanse.  Really, more power to you if you’re doing one of those – I just don’t have the mental capacity for anything like that at the moment.  But the clothes that you buy and the clothes that you wear need to fit your body today, because your body today has just as much worth as your body if it were to weigh, say, 20 fewer pounds. 

YOU have just as much worth.

YOU have more worth than the size of your pants, or your bra.  Is the bra size a gut check for anyone else?  I mean, I didn’t even know that they made that cup size, ha!

I’m even giving you permission to wear leggings as pants, and I don’t actually think that leggings are pants, let’s be clear on that one.  Which reminds me to write a piece on how to properly wear leggings since you own them and you’re going to be wearing them in public anyhow because of how amazing they are.  I get it.  I’m a total leggings…I’m at a loss for words.  Basically I never wore leggings until about 2 years ago and now I don’t know how I ever made it that long.  Actually, I do.  It’s called workout pants.  

Reel it Back in

But back to the main point.  If your current wardrobe has you feeling a little “less than,” it may be time to invest in a few new pieces (maybe a capsule wardrobe).  Not new pieces that you can lovingly refer to as “fat clothes” or anything derogatory like that, but just new clothes that fit your body today because, again, you should love her.  She does some pretty awesome stuff.  

She made you a baby (or multiple).

She got you out of bed, this morning.

She got you to work or to school to drop the kids off or wherever else you needed to go.

She reminded you that you didn’t get enough sleep but that you can still get shit done.

She can carry that 4 year old that is too big to be carried or catch the toddler by his pants so he doesn’t faceplant into the dog water, again.

She does it all.  And then she does it all over again, regardless of whether or not she is at her ideal size.

You are the size that you are.  And you should treat yourself with love, compassion and grace.  And clothes that fit.

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