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These shorts are literally the same – the same length, the same style, from the same retailer.  So how can they look SO different?

12 is the Loneliest Number

I can be honest with you, right?  I mean, I always have been before, so why not now?  Normally I’m all about telling you how size doesn’t matter and how your size doesn’t define you and that you’re more than a number.  But for this specific conversation, let’s talk about size.

I wear a size 12.

There.  I said it.  That feels better.  So you want to know why it’s the loneliest number of all?  Because I don’t know what it looks like.  Here I am, trying to shop for clothes and I simply can’t figure out how the hell these items are going to look on me.  **I see the “regular” models for the standard brands and they are all showcasing single digit sizes, no doubt.  I even get to the point that maybe these styles just aren’t for me and my body type.  So I head on over to the plus size variety.  Instantly I feel better because the models look more like me, or at least the way I’m pretty sure I look.  I’m so excited that I actually pick a few things out and I’m about to ‘add to cart’ when I notice that the smallest size available is a 14. 

Really?  Is that model really wearing a size 14?  So I’m smaller than that?  She looks great in that outfit.  Since I’m smaller than that, I must be able to look that good, too.  But now, where to shop.  Revert back up to the **.  It’s a bit of a vicious cycle.  

I literally feel like I’m too thin to be fat and too fat to be thin.  How is that even a thing?!

Now, maybe it’s Photoshop.  I really don’t know, but I really feel like that should be banned in advertising.  Because really, how many of us look like these models?  We don’t want to see how these clothes will look if we lose 50 pounds (and grow 4″ taller).  We want to see how they will look on us, today.  I feel as though if a size is offered, I should be able to select said size, and see a model wearing that size.  Granted, her boobs may be smaller, my belly may be bigger, there will be differences here and there but we can at least get a baseline, rather than looking at these women that don’t even resemble us.  Am I right?

You Callin' Me Curvy?

This style of jeans is referenced as curvy (clearly the model, no offense to her, is not).  So what exactly are we referring to as ‘curvy?’  Is it just someone that wears a size that’s above, say, an 8?  Or is there some specific hip to waist ratio that constitutes curves?  And if you’re a pair of jeans that claim to be a curvy fit, can you tell me why?  

Just because I’m a size 12 doesn’t mean that I’ve got a great ass (I mean, I do, duh, ha ha, kidding) so what does a curvy fit do for me?  Is there extra elastic somewhere so that our “curves” don’t feel suffocated?  Is there something that can help lift up a (larger) pancake butt?  Is there extra support somewhere else?  Maybe a reinforced inner thigh?  I can’t be the only one that’s worn a hole in my pants where my legs rub together.  Or does it simply mean that it’s a size bigger than an 8?  I’m genuinely curious, here.  I’m mostly thinking that for standard sizes, it just takes too much effort to try to figure these things out.  

But y’all.  We are missing out on a HUGE demographic by not trying to figure it out.  By not making women feel like they fit in.  By not making women feel like they belong.  By not taking the time to make sure that everyone is accounted for.  I know I’m preaching to the choir here but the majority of women don’t fit into that cookie cutter, model shape.  But we buy these clothes because of how great they look on the models, only to find that they don’t look great on us.  Because we’re 4″ shorter and 4 sizes bigger.

I’m not sure how, just yet, but I feel like I need to make this part of my mission.  I’m certain we can do better.  We’ve got to be able to do better.  Who’s with me?

Are You With Me?

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