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New Year, New…

I mean, I struggle to even come up with something to say, here.  I’ll admit that I used to fall prey to it, as well.  What are the things that I can do this year to make it better than last year?

  • exercise more (get back into my favorite jeans)

  • drink less

  • eat better (even though I don’t even really know what that means because I haven’t read through all my new diet books, yet)

  • keep a cleaner house

  • save more money

Sure, all these things are things we can do to make improvements on our lives, but let’s be honest – we don’t need a new year to do any of these things.  All you need is a Monday.  Or just a new day any day of the week, for that matter.

I get the downward spiral.  I get how it feels when you haven’t showered in 3 days and you’re sitting on the couch with aerosol cheese and wheat thins.  Or maybe you’re hiding in the pantry so you don’t have to share said cheese product (you know it’s not real cheese) with your kids.  When you eat 2 more cookies even when you’ve already had 5 because otherwise you’ll only have two left.  Because how could you possibly be satisfied with only 2 cookies in a future sitting?!

I actually asked my husband last night, as we were getting ready for bed to text me around 9 am to remind me not to eat any cookies today.  Because as miserable as I felt last night (from too many cookies) I knew that by morning, I would have forgotten all about it and would be ready to make all the same mistakes over again.

So here we are and it still makes me want to cry a little bit to wear some of my jeans.  And we always resolve to do better tomorrow.  But then tomorrow comes and goes and there we are popping more Tums and feeling sorry for it.  And then we are squeezing into our clothes, that are now too tight, because of all the extra indulgences and because that’s what we have to wear.

You might have seen my video the other day where I talked about getting some custom jeans made.  Now, custom clothing seems scary and permanent, right?  I don’t know why it seems scarier than buying just any other clothing item, but it does for some reason.  If I’m going to get the perfect pair of jeans made, I should probably wait until my body looks the way I want it to, right?  I say, wrong.

The process is a long, bumpy, convoluted road.  How are we going to love ourselves more if our body looks a certain way?  Are we not lovable until we get to a certain shape or size?  Do we have to wait to do nice things for ourselves until we can stop eating so many donuts (or cookies)?  If I’m being honest, maybe if I loved myself and my body a little more, maybe I wouldn’t eat so many cookies.  I know that too many makes me feel bad (like physically ill, not just guilty, but let’s bring on the guilt, as well), but yet here we are.

So I want to make some new resolutions, this year.  Some grown up resolutions, if you will:

  • to love my body just as it is today, not as it will be once I change it to something else, but as it is today

  • to treat my body as though I love it, by feeding it good food and by not eating or drinking to excess (because I’m old and have 3 kids and that just isn’t fun anymore)

  • to dress my body in clothes that fit and make me feel good because it is worth feeling good at my size today, next month and everywhere in-between

  • to drink more water, because everyone could use more water (and it’s SO good for you)

  • to move more, because movement feels good

  • to be more flexible, being being stiff and rigid all the time doesn’t feel good

  • to adjust anywhere as needed, because I’m the boss and in control (well, today anyhow)

We are who we choose to be.  And lucky for us, the choices are limitless.  What are some of your grown up resolutions, this year?

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