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Do you ever feel frustrated that you just can’t find clothes that fit you right?  They’re too long, too short, the rise is wrong, the sleeves are wrong.  At least one thing, is just wrong?

What if I told you that you could change all that and get clothes custom made for you that actually fit?  I know, you’d probably tell me that you can’t afford that kind of thing.  

What if I told you that it’s not nearly as expensive as it seems?

My friends, I’m here to tell you just that!

I’ve seen eShakti advertised here and there for some time and simply assumed that it wouldn’t be for me.  Who gets custom clothes anyhow?  Sounds like something I should do once I lose 20 pounds or something.  Maybe save it for some special occasion like my 20  year class reunion.  That can’t possibly be coming up, now can it??

But I’m making a pact this year, maybe you’ve seen my resolutions, to love my body as it is today.  To treat it with love and respect and dress it in clothes that fit.  So why the hell not?  And why not now?  And when I saw that I could get custom made jeans for around $60, well sign me up!


Some are print, some are solid, some wrap, some gather, but you get it. There are so many options. You can custom the sleeve length, you can custom where it hits you on your hip, you can custom the neckline. It's beautifully and personally made.


Straight leg deep indigo. These are the jeans I picked for my first order. You also have options like Boot Cut, Girlfriend, Cropped, Skinny, Wide Leg and Flare. They have light and dark washes, plain as well as embellished. You can adjust your length (they automatically adjust per your height), front pocket style, as well as remove the pockets on the back (but probably don't do that...just saying)!


There are so many great dresses here, I had a hard time picking a favorite but I'm a sucker for a good wrap dress. They even have options for bridesmaids dresses under $100. I'm sure my bridesmaids wish they'd had an option like this! Sorry, girls.

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The Fit

After ordering my own custom jeans, it’s safe to say that they fit perfectly as soon as I pulled them on.  But, as most jeans do, they did do a fair amount of stretching out during the day.  Was I pulling them up any more than any other jeans I own?  I don’t think so, really.  But I also wonder if I should have taken a few inches down somewhere in the hips or in the waist to compensate.  It seems a little like this assumption should have been built into the sizing.  I think it’s a minor detail in the scheme of things.  I also haven’t washed them yet so I’ll come back in and update this once I have washed them.  I’m assuming they will wash well like any other jeans and have that amazing just out of the dryer, just-a-tad-more-snug, perfect fit, since they were in fact, made for me.

The top I ordered is the one pictured above, with the embroidery on it.  When I pulled it out of the box I frowned a little because it looked like it might be a little short and wide, but, low and behold, I guess maybe I am short and wide, because it fits perfect!  Like a freaking glove!  It’s beautiful.  Also custom, just like the jeans.

The Price

How much do you think would be a fair price to pay for a custom made pair of jeans?  In my day, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on jeans.  Most of my favorites have been well over $100, but as jeans are a staple around these parts, I always felt like they were worth it.

What if I told you that you could get your own custom jeans for under $100.  I’m serious.  Actually, so far in my perusing, I don’t think I’ve seen a single item over $100.  Customization was $10, jeans alone were $59.95.  I ordered two pieces so I’m not sure if that was a per item or a general customization fee.  Either way, very reasonable and still under $100 for that one pair of jeans, whether the customization was $5 or $10.

The Catch

The catch here, if there is a catch, is that you basically have to have a helper to help you take all your measurements if you’re looking for a custom piece.  I had my mom help me when we were visiting over Christmas.  The other catch, is that I feel like some of the measurements can be a little confusing and there is possibility for some error in some of those areas.  I guess we did a pretty good job, but some of the instructions had us scratching our heads a little and guessing and hoping for the best.

One way around some of this, if you don’t have a helper, would be to grab a pair of pants that fit the way you like them.  You could take some measurements like inseam and outseam (which are some of the more difficult ones to get solo) while the pants are laying on a flat surface.

The Verdict

So at the end of the day, what do I think?  Would I order custom clothes again?  I absolutely would.  I’m actually very excited to pick out my next pieces and tell you all about them.  I’m even more excited for you to get some too and find out how much you love them!

The other awesome thing is that once you have an account and input your specific measurements, they save them for you so they can be automatically applied to future orders.  So.  Damn.  Easy.

I am curious, now that I’ve put my info in, if they could tell me what size I would be closest to and if a standard size would fit me just as well.  But, I sort of have the feeling the answer would be, “but why?”  And seriously, why order a standard size that may be lacking in certain areas when you can order a piece that is literally made for you and will fit you perfectly.  For less than $10 additional.

The Deets

So how do you get in on this awesome revelation?  

Check them out here – when you register as a new customer, you get $25 off your first order and free shipping.  Just a warning that the free shipping is only active for a week or so after you sign up so it’s easiest to do the two close together – the registering and the ordering, that is.

One thing to keep in mind as well, maybe this is a given, but this isn’t Amazon Prime.  You’re not going to get custom clothes in under a week.  I think the website quotes 18-21 days for customization, something like that.  So go in with that in mind.  Don’t be crazy thinking you can get your perfect custom dress for that wedding next weekend by ordering 5 days in advance.  And if you are going to act crazy like that, don’t tell them I sent you! 

dresses, custom clothing, womens dresses,fashion, retro, fall, spring, fit and flare dresses, knit dresses

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  1. Was sure that when you said a catch that it’d be something I couldn’t do lol. Do you still use eShakti?

    1. carlibdesai

      Right! It seems so intimidating but it’s actually so simple. I haven’t ordered anything past my first order but I’m really itching to order a custom dress. I may order one just so I can find an excuse to wear it!

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