Tara Lynn’s Boutique

There are so many different ways to shop, these days.  Recently, I’ve started coming across the idea of the online boutique, which seems crazy, I know.  Boutiques are supposed to be small and unique and quirky, right?  Well, as technology evolves, so must our boutique storefront and our boutique experience.

One that I found by way of Facebook is Tara Lynn’s.  Now, I’m new to the group, so I’m still learning how things work but you can typically either shop from the Facebook group directly, or from the website, which should include most of the same items.  The beauty of the Facebook group, which is something crazy like 28,000 women strong, is that they all post pictures of themselves in their new items and, now here’s the awesome part, almost instantly, all these women chime in and tell them how beautiful they are and how great they look in their new clothes.

They post questions all the time on size and fit and quality and the loyal and frequent shoppers respond with their recommendations.  It’s quite a tribe she has built, really.  But I wanted to share it with you, as well, because good stuff can be hard to come by and so far, I’m impressed with her.

She carries size Small through 4XL and has all kinds of items – dresses, tops, clever graphic tees, leggings, accessories, even shoes and some makeup (which I literally just noticed when checking out the website, again).  I think pricing is also comparable to a boutique.  She’s not Target or Amazon, but she’s got good quality stuff and it’s super fun to shop.

One thing to note, is that because she is a boutique, she’s basically running the show on her own – with a few assistants, so shipping may take a little longer and some items are pre-order and can take even longer, so you just have to be sure you are aware of those things before you order.  It’s not Amazon prime – you won’t get it within the week, but you will get it, and when you do, you will see that it was packed and mailed to you with love.

You can find the Facebook Group here and request to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/185288605225198/

Or you can skip straight to the website, here: https://taralynnsboutique.com/

So check her out and let me know what you think.  Also, she is the sassy model with short, dark hair!  Standing behind, and literally in, her brand.  I love it!