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The Difference Design Makes

So, I’m not going to start in and tell you that looks don’t matter, but I’m also not going to tell you that looks are everything.  Because neither is true.  I feel like, and maybe you do too, I’m in this weird place in the middle where I don’t love the way that I look, but I still want to look good and put together.  And to me, looking good and put together is half way to actually being put together, or having my life together, or all of those things.  I don’t even really know.  How much can one actually have life together with 3 kids under the age of 4.  From my personal experience, it’s mostly a crapshoot.

Anyhow, I wanted to share these pictures as some style inspiration.  Both are me at a wedding and both are me at roughly the same stage of life, with a 1 year old baby (roughly 2 years apart).  I can also assure you that my body was very close to being the same at these times, but from looking at the pictures, I bet you wouldn’t guess that.

So let’s talk about what’s working.  In the picture on the left, the length is perfect.  It comes to right above my knee, covering up the parts of my legs that I’m not crazy about at the moment.  What also helps here, are my high heels – look at that definition in my calf!  I love it!  Another good thing is the color.  It’s a nice, bold color.  But more than the color, the cut here is what really puts this dress on top.  You may not be able to tell from the picture but there is pintucking on the surface of this dress that go from one side to the other – they start wide on the one side and end all together on the other side for a rouched look without actual thick rouching and all that gathered fabric.  It is a very slimming effect in a spot where many of us (definitely me) could use a little slimming – that midriff area.  The cut at the top isn’t too low and also creates a little bit of a V shape, with the pointed pieces, which is a very flattering neckline.

So what’s working in the other dress?  Well, the pattern is good and so is the color.  It’s nice and bright and fun.  I love those colors!  What’s also working is the split sleeve.  It’s a fun little detail and the vertical cut is flattering for the arms.  But that’s about it.  The shoe is no good.  I mean, it’s a flip flop, ha!  It’s unfortunate that I didn’t last longer in my heels because as soon as I’m feeling short and stout (literally) a good heel can help to create a longer (and in turn slimming) line of the leg that just looks so much better.  It’s a much shorter list than what is working on the other dress.  Simply being longer could have really helped it.  I’m not sure, really, but looking at the picture comparing the two of them, well, I can’t even believe I chose it over the other.

Curves are totally ok.  They’re great, even, but showcasing them in the right way makes all the difference in the world.  I’m showing you proof of that!  So remember your cut, your color/pattern, your length and also your footwear for your most flattering dress.

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