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The Inspiration

I posted a shot of this skirt the other day. I love it so much but as much as I would like to prance around in it and put my hands leisurely in those pockets, it’s just not suitable to my lifestyle at the moment with (almost, like any day now) 3 small kids. So, my suggestion, or more, my solution, was to still create this look, just in a different way.  I did a little homework and found some great options that can do just that. You don’t have to be a slave to fashion, especially when that fashion simply doesn’t fit your lifestyle. There are always other ways to accomplish a look or a feeling.

However, if you love it and it fits into your lifestyle, you can check out the skirt, here.

The Copycats

Now, the fun part.  Here are some awesome alternatives that you can pick up that will still give you that fun and flirty feeling, but in a more reasonable, chasing down kids, running through carpool, forgetting you made coffee, always running a little behind, kind of way.


  1. This is one of the first images I found and I just love it.  It’s on Etsy, so you’re supporting a small business and it is also super affordable at around $25 when all is said and done.  I like it because it brings the stripe detail into the pocket on the front, really blending everything together.  I also like the cut of it, that it’s long enough at the front and back but comes up slightly on the sides.  This helps give it some more visual interest at that bottom hem and makes it more flattering. You can check it out here.
  2. I also love this option because it’s just casual and cute and fun. Everyone loves a good raglan style tee, right? Ok, maybe not everyone, but it is super versatile and easy to wear. It looks like this exact style is no longer available but there are some similar items in this shop, here. Looks like some discount codes for new customers as well if you just poke around there for a minute.
  3. Hmm.  Looks like this one is no longer available either.  That’s where we can hit snags sometimes with Pinterest and the internet.  If you don’t get on things quickly enough, they are just gone.  But there is a similar stripe/floral available, although it is also from the UK.  So this one is a little bit of a bust, but you can still check it for inspiration and see that you can still get this look in a top.  You can see it here.
  4. Ok, so this is super doable.  You can wear a floral top with a neutral pant and then a striped shoe in coordinating colors.  So easy.  Not going to attempt to link any of these items since the post I grabbed it from is nearly a year old, but again, you can totally do this on your own, I know you can!
  5. Another simple look that you can pull off. You can do it like this, with a striped shirt and a floral cardigan or you could switch the two and do a floral shirt with a striped cardigan. If you’re having trouble finding a patterned cardigan, you can always do one on the shirt and one on the shoe and mix with a solid cardigan. Totally doable!
  6. Y’all. Seriously. Come on internet. Stop showing me images I can’t buy. Is this part of why you’re here? Part of why you’re frustrated with shopping? I totally get it. If you can find shoes like this somewhere, they are awesome and totally work. Or you could just stick to a stripe and solid mix or a simple floral. Both can work on their own to coordinate back!
  7. Ok, now I know this bag isn’t available.  It was on sale through Poshmark, but it really is so great.  It was Nine West.  You could always check places like Ebay for items like this, or outlets.  You can sometimes find cheaper prices at outlets as well as different styles that may not be offered in the regular retail stores.  Or again, a simple stripe or a simple floral to mix and match with your other pieces can work just as well, here.  OR, if you’re crafty, you could always buy a striped bag and hand paint or hand sew some flowers on top.  That totally works, too!
  8. Stop the presses.  This bag is available.  This is another item put up by Etsy.  It’s really just a good go to bag – diaper, weekender bag, travel bag, etc.  I love the patterns working together here.  You can check it out, here.
  9. And, one more broken link to round out the list.  But you get the idea!


The point here is that this amazing skirt isn’t the only way you can pair a stripe with a floral.  And with a little detective work, you can find alternate pieces that feel the same, that give you a better range of motion.  And while I’m chasing these kids around, I need maximum range of motion.

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