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So you have your bright pants. Now what?

Ok, so I know that bright, printed and otherwise colored pants can be scary, but they need not be!  In response to some recent feedback, I want to talk through a few easy styling tips for wearing (and rocking) a bolder pant.

  • Solid black or solid white are perfectly fine and will always match, but it can feel a little safe and boring.  Try wearing your black and white mixed together as a pattern!  You can try a stripe, a polka dot or even an animal print.
  • Navy also works as a good grounding color as a solid or a print.  So does grey.
  • Jeans match everything, right?  So, if you’re not wearing denim on your bottom half, you can bring it up and wear it on your top half – as a jacket or as a button down shirt.
  • Sometimes you luck out and find patterns that match to your fun pants, exactly.  Totally appropriate – I would just make sure to have a lighter color, like a white, as the main ground of the color since a bold pant and a bold pattern could make for something a little flashier than you were going for.  And to make sure no one starts to notice it as your “red pant outfit,” make sure you mix in some of these other styling options, as well!


As always, I hope this was helpful and I’m happy to answer any questions about this that you may have!

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