Treasure vs. Trash

Ideally, I think once or twice a month would be a good time to sort through some of your things and relocate some old staples that are no longer getting love to the “donate” pile.  This way, you can just go through a little bit at a time and it’s not quite so daunting as going through your entire wardrobe once or twice a year.  I mean, seriously, I’ve been putting that off since last year!

And then once you have a good little “donate” pile, what you do next with your things is completely up to you.  Sometimes, if you have the time and the patience for it, you can get some good traction off of Facebook “yard sale” type pages and sell your items that way, to get a little money.  Or, if they are in really good condition or name brand, you can look for local resale boutiques that you could try and sell to.  More often than not, I end up trucking mine over to Goodwill – someplace like that, where I can just off load and then take a little tax write off, later on.  

I can’t remember where but I saw something recently that talked about how textile waste is getting to be one of the bigger components arriving in our landfills – partly because clothes just aren’t made as well as they used to be and don’t hold up as long and the other part of that is that some items are just too trendy to last multiple seasons and as convenience would have it, just end up in the trash.  

I was scrolling around today and actually saw something I thought was very interesting.  The retailer H&M is now taking old clothes off of your hands.  Actually, they have been for several years – who knew?!

Here is a link to the article:

“So where will your pieces end up? They could potentially be stitched together to design the brand’s annual Close the Loop collection, which launched in 2014 and uses your recycled textile fibers to mold new denim. Chic.”

I absolutely love the concept.  And what’s in it for you?  When you donate clothes at any of their retailers, you get 15% off your next purchase, and of course, help to keep all that textile waste in check.

I do think that donation of any kind is better than simply tossing things in the trash but I know that I’ve been guilty of tossing things that I deemed too used or too ratty for someone else to enjoy.  What a neat way to give back.  If they’re getting tossed anyhow, I would urge you to consider this as an alternative, if you’ve got a store close by!

And in case you don’t frequent H&M, here is a quick link to find a store near you:

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