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The Mom Uniform

I know I started talking about this, yesterday, but if you were to google, ‘mom style,’ this is the basic look that would come up.  Let me tell you why: because it is so easy and so versatile.

I can’t be the only one looking for an easy solution.  Shoot, when I find a good outfit, I even do my best to keep it as clean as possible so I can wear it again the next day, just so I have one less thing to think about when I’m getting ready in the morning, or afternoon, or whenever it is I’m finally making it out of my house.  I may be a little embarrassed if no one else admits to doing the same thing, but it’s life, and y’all already know how often I’m washing my hair (hint: it’s definitely not every day).  Chances are pretty good we aren’t going to see the same exact people when we are out anyways, and why waste a perfectly good, mostly clean outfit?!

So what are the basics here?  We’ve got some pants – probably a great (or even mediocre if that’s what we have) pair of jeans.  This could also work with some black pants, thin wale corduroys or even leggings, so long as the rest of the elements lend themselves to my personal “wearing leggings in public” rules.  My favorite way to wear a pair of jeans lately is to roll up the bottoms once or twice.  I have been into the straight leg version and sometimes find things to be a little awkward where they end, so I just roll them a few times to add some interest and make it look purposeful.  And sometimes, depending on the day, they aren’t even rolled the same way as each other and that, that is what I call trend setting.  Ha!  But seriously, though.  

The next thing we have is a basic shirt.  You can simply make it white, gray or black without much thought at all and call it a day.  I personally prefer a V-neck just because it tends to be a little more flattering than a crew neck and just makes you look (and feel) pretty.  No need to go overboard on the V, though – a little v still counts and you really don’t have to give too much away to look good.  You could also make this shirt a basic stripe or small pattern, if you’re feeling a little sassy.  I like to make sure this shirt has a little weight to it so that it’s thick enough to be comfortable and again, not showcasing everything we’re covering up underneath.  If it’s on the thin side, you can always stick a little tank underneath for an extra barrier of “protection” as it were.

Next, we have the topper.  It can be a cardigan or a jacket or even an unbuttoned blouse (note, from A Blouse 5 Ways, my favorite way to wear a blouse).  Again, we have so many options here, it’s almost overwhelming, but the good part about this, is that you likely already have a few options in your closet, right this very minute.  Plus, the cardigans don’t even really have to fit properly since you’re wearing it completely open.  Ok, that may have come out wrong.  The cardigan would still have to fit you, but since you’re not buttoning it, we have a little wiggle room here, literally.  The great thing about both the cardigan and the v-neck is that both are creating a bit of a vertical line on your body, which is naturally slimming and flattering.  

And then we need shoes, but shoes are easy, here.  What shoes do you want to wear?  We’re going across seasons with versatility so you can wear a flip flop or a loafer, a bootie or a knee high boot, or even a little (or big, more power to you!) heel, again, for those sassy days.  

We need a bag but we don’t need to coordinate a bag, unless you’re really into that thing, which I know some people are.  Me, I just go with a basic bag that I basically use until the straps fall off.  And then I get a new basic bag.  You do what works for you!

And really, you’re done.  You can accessorize a little or not at all and do whatever you feel like.  You can wear basic pieces or funky pieces to calm it down or jazz it up and you can feel confident in either choice.  Pull a brush through your hair (or not – rock the mess) grab your favorite lipstick or lipgloss or even just some vaseline to add some shine and call yourself put together!

And then, the next day, you can either wear it all again, or swap out a piece or two to make it feel like a new outfit.  So.  Easy.  Mom uniform for the win!

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