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It’s a little funny.  I can remember being in college and just out of college and generally liking how I looked and how my clothes fit.  Sure, I could always have been a little slimmer here or there but I knew what I was and I was fairly comfortable in it.

I also remember two of my best friends.  We would get ready to go out at night and they would take what seemed like forever to pick out what they were going to wear.  They didn’t like this for one reason, didn’t like that for another reason.  And I remember one of them commenting once to me that I didn’t change outfits like they did and I just sort of shrugged it off and didn’t really know how to respond.  I looked the way I looked and the clothes I had in my closet made me feel good, so I didn’t feel the need to second guess what I was wearing or change 20 times.

I also remember, because it was a lot more recent, the day I looked in the mirror and started changing outfits, myself.  Because I no longer felt good in my clothes.  Because my body was different than it had ever been before and suddenly my clothes didn’t fit the same.  They didn’t look the same.  I didn’t feel the same.  And that was hard.  That was hard for a long time because it was new territory.  I was used to being able to go out and shop relatively easily, finding things I liked quickly and being done and on my way.  Suddenly, in the same types of things I used to love and wear, I felt fat, and puffy, and lumpy and pretty terrible about myself.

I realized (not quickly enough) that something had to change.  That there were millions of women out there, also dressing their bodies, and that I just had to figure out how to dress this new one.  I realized that the same rules no longer applied and that if I wanted to feel good in my skin, and my clothes, again, that I would have to do some homework and figure this out.

So that’s where we are and that’s why we are here.

And the number one thing, that I have picked up so far, is that the number sewn on the inside of these clothes doesn’t mean a damn thing.  Y’all, I have bought bigger sizes than I ever thought I would.  I have almost left stores with nothing because the sizes I thought I should be in were too tight or wouldn’t even zip.  The numbers mean nothing.  Cut the tags and throw them through a shredder if that will make you feel better.  It’s no one’s business what size your clothing is.  And if it fits you, the way it’s supposed to fit you, then no one will even care (let’s be honest, no one should care anyhow, that’s none of their business but there are some nosy people out there!) because you will feel good and those good feelings will radiate out and show a new confidence you weren’t sure you had in you.  Size 6 or size 14.  Doesn’t matter.  It’s all in how you feel.  And feeling like a stuffed sausage or a busted can of biscuits isn’t how anyone wants to feel, let’s just be honest.  Swallow your pride and try on the bigger size.  Take a good look at yourself and love where you are, even if it’s not where you think you should be.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be and you deserve to feel amazing.

January 2017

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