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Spring Cleaning

I’ll start by saying that I definitely believe in getting rid of clothing that doesn’t bring you joy, but it can be such a daunting task.  So, while I applaud a good clean out, I’m not sure we ever have to (or should) tackle it all at once so that all we’re left with is some mismatched undergarments.  And let’s be honest, those have probably seen better days, as well!

The most bittersweet items I’ve parted with lately have been shoes or boots.  Life at home with 2 (almost 3) small kids just isn’t the same as life in an office or life as a single (or married) 20/30 something.  I had these great shoes in my closet that had great memories attached to them.  Most of them remind me of friends – nights out on the town, nights of eating and dancing and lots of laughter.  I kept them for so long because maybe I’d have a wedding to go to, or maybe the husband and I would actually have a date night and I would want to look nice.  Maybe I’m being ridiculous.  But, I don’t wear them anymore like I used to.  So, now they hurt my feet.  And now they make me a little sad and they no longer bring me joy.  So, out they go.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have some heels, even some fancy heels, but they are few and far between and they are more practical than snazzy and match more than one outfit.  And that’s how I’m practical, these days.

The funny story is that I did end up in my underwear, today.  You may remember that both the big one and the little one have pink eye.  Well, on top of that, the little one was a little extra clingy and a little extra cranky yesterday so I was wondering if she was coming down with something else, as well (my luck, from our trip to the doctor’s office).

This morning, after the fight over the eye drops because, well, what small child wants drops in their eyes, I was fighting the next good fight over breakfast.  The little one had already been snacking on some Kix and some milk.  The big one finally joined us and wanted some toast and then I made one more piece of toast for the little one because I wasn’t sure if she was still hungry.

So, I’m standing at the sink getting a rag ready to clean excess jelly off of cheeks and look over and see the little one with a funny look on her face and as I walk over there I see that she’s throwing up.  And she’s standing right on top of our air register.  So gross.  So. Gross.  So, I’m pregnant, right?  And now I’m trying to clean it all up without gagging.  Luckily there is minimal vomit on her clothes so those can be saved for the moment.  I rinse her off in the sink since she did get her foot and her hands, lift the register out, get all of that cleaned up (luckily that was minimal as well, but any vomit inside an air register is pretty gross, in case you’ve ever been curious).  And now I can tell she has a fever so we address that and then she falls asleep on my belly/chest.

And then, since that’s not fun enough, the big one needs to go potty.  And he actually agrees to go instead of fighting it, so I have to get up, with the little one napping and help him get on the toilet.  And then, for the second day in a row, he actually pooped on the toilet instead of in his underwear.  Because, really, poop in underwear is the only thing that could have made today better.  But now I have to figure out how to wipe a butt while holding a sleeping 19 month old.

And then everyone wanted to relax more on the couch (the big one wanted snuggles too and I just couldn’t say no) so lunch was almost an hour late.  No one was starving.  So I thought smoothies would be a good option to get the kids some nutrition without a bunch of prep.  The big one sucked his down and the little one was obviously hungry so she was drinking hers pretty quickly, too, sitting on my lap.  And about halfway through, it all comes back up.  All over her, all over me and even some on the little dog.  So both of us got stripped down to our skivvies in the kitchen and she got half a banana, Cheerios and water.

And now it’s an hour past nap time and obviously no one is taking actual naps in their beds, today.  So we all took a shower instead.  The kids played in the water and cleared their sinuses out a little and I didn’t feel quite so disgusting from the morning.  The husband was awesome enough to come home from work a little early after my SOS text after the second vomit incident, we ate dinner an hour early, promptly put both kids to bed with the most minimal fighting of eye drops yet and have actually had a moment to relax, tonight.  Here’s hoping the big one isn’t throwing up tomorrow.  Never a dull moment.

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