I’m Quitting

That’s what I texted my husband, today.  I had been having a relaxing little Saturday and was working on a post, trying to talk about self care like taking a long shower and washing my hair, sitting with my feet up, and both of my kids being quiet in their rooms, the little one sleeping, the big one not sleeping but still being quiet and content.

Only to go check on him (the big one) and find that he has both peed and pooped in his underwear, in his bed.  And he’s been awake the entire time!  I get that he may pee in his sleep and not wake up (he really is a deep sleeper), but the fact that he was laying there awake and just laid there and peed, just blew my mind.

And maybe he did it early on and that’s actually why he couldn’t fall asleep.  But then he just laid there quietly, didn’t call for me, didn’t say a word.  He’s never had a problem pooping on the potty before.  It actually shocked me a little bit when he just did it on day 1 or 2 of training.  So this is new.  And gross.

I know, I know, he will get it.  But if he could get it sooner, rather than later, (and seriously stop pooping in his underwear) that would really be better for me.  These little kids, with these little minds.  I love watching them discover and watching them learn and watching them with their own ideas.  Lately, he has been calling me a “fluffy cat.”  I have no idea where that came from and I also have no idea why it’s funny but we both laugh every time he says it.  Also, a “silly willy” or if it’s an extra fun day, a “silly willy fluffy cat.”

And I know we can’t force them to do anything.  Because they have these ideas and these weird little quirks already that make them who they are.  And I know he will get it, I know he will be fine.  I will be fine.  We all will be fine.  This is still so early in our story.  He’s only 3, and he will never be this little ever again, which is sometimes terrifying because it really does go by in the blink of an eye.  And he will always be my first born and the one that made me a mommy and when he’s 15, I’ll be reminding him of these little escapades and we will laugh because at that point, at least, he will no longer be pooping in his underwear.

It’s an honor that we get to raise these little people, even as frustrating as it gets.  We will all get through it and we will all be better for it.  But today, since I still have a few months before I can have wine again, extra ice cream here, please!

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  1. Karyn

    Love reading your posts!! Just wait until he’s 5 and announces, out of nowhere, he’s going to get his way cause he’s a hustler. We couldn’t do anything but laugh at Lawson today for that one!

    1. carlibdesai

      Oh, Karyn, that is hilarious! We already hear a lot that he is going to go do things “by myself” or that we aren’t allowed to talk to him. Or if we offer to help him with something, “you helped me already!” The struggle is real!

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