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I understand it, because it used to be me.  Five years ago, I would have had some comments about Lady Gaga’s midriff baring number from the Super Bowl halftime show.  Granted, I don’t think I would have spread them all over the internet but I would have told whoever was within earshot, at least.

And the next thing to add is that 5 years ago, I’m fairly certain (ok, I’m even positive) I didn’t look as good as she looked on that stage.  Seriously, did y’all see her legs?!  And my rebuttal would have been something along the lines of, “yeah, well, I’m not out wearing things like that!  If she’s going to wear that outfit in front of all those people, she should at least make sure she looks perfect!”  What. A. Bitch.  Yikes.  Other thoughts might have included, “Does she actually think that looks good?” or “Who told her that was ok to wear?”

Now, first of all, as we have covered, Lady Gaga doesn’t give a flying f*$# what any of us think.  Second of all, y’all.  That’s some messed up stuff to say or even to just to think.  There isn’t actually a real fashion police that is allowed to tell people what they can or cannot wear on their own bodies.  What someone else wears actually has no effect whatsoever on anyone but them.  It is simply not your business.

Additionally, I do have confidence that Lady Gaga is super human and not bothered in the least about all these people talking about her “flabby belly” which, again, I’d be more than happy to be sporting once this last baby is out.  Being a celebrity doesn’t make her immune to being hurt and doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings.  She is still human.  And if you didn’t like her outfit or thought she looked fat, just shut the hell up and find something else to look at.

I remember the last time I wore something that I didn’t feel great in (again, not saying this is the case here – I’m betting she felt like the superstar that she is).  If I had even one person say to me, or behind my back on the internet for the world to read, how I looked fat or ugly or how could I even consider wearing such a thing out of the house, I would be crushed.  Because that’s just mean.  And aren’t we trying to raise our kids to not be assholes?  Let’s try a little harder.

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