A Blouse 5 Ways

Ok, since we talked about blouses, already, this week, maybe we should also talk about some ways to wear them.  Such a versatile little piece.  Plus, by mixing up how you wear it, you can manage to wear the same top once a week and still have it look different every time.  Well, as long as it stays clean, which, seems to be the main challenge in this stage of life, at least for me!

Here are 5 ways that you can wear your blouse:

  • Out.  Just put it on and let it go.  You can do this with a blouse that buttons all the way or just buttons at the top, more like a tunic.  If it’s a little shorter you can pair it with jeans or any other pant with pockets, or even a skirt if you’re so inclined.  If it’s a little longer, you can try it with some leggings and see how you feel.  I am of the belief that leggings aren’t technically pants but it’s always fun to break the rules every once in awhile, as long as your (ahem) assets are covered.


  • In.  You can tuck it in all the way or just tuck it in a little.  Mom life is pretty active so you probably won’t find me with a full tuck just because I find 
    that to be a little hard to maintain.  But, if your kids are a little older and you don’t feel like quite as much of an acrobat during the day, then by all means, go for the full tuck.  It’s all personal preference!


  • Belted.  Leave it out and stick a skinny belt around it.  You’ll want to have the belt at your waist, which is the smallest part of your midsection, so that it draws the eye in and gives some interest.  Just be sure to NOT belt below your waist, around your hips, since that will bring attention to the wrong areas and tends to make us look larger than we are.  And it’s not that we are trying to “look skinny” or anything like that, but really there is no point in making ourselves look larger, just for the heck of it.


  • Out and open.  This is one of my favorite ways (not my favorite image – a search for “open blouse” gave me a lot more cleavage shots than I was expecting, ha!).  Obviously, it only works when your blouse buttons all the way down.  I pair it with a tank top, some jeans or leggings and some boots or booties (or flip flops if that’s the season) and it’s super comfy and casual.  Also easy access for nursing, if that’s something you’re needing at the moment!


  • Tied at the waist.  In all seriousness, I don’t know if this is cool or not, but I personally like the way it looks.  So, if you like the way it looks, then you totally have my permission (not like you need it, but you get the idea) to go right ahead and rock it, too.


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